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Kick-starting Your Own Website

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Get ready to succeed with your website

The internet is the defining production of our generation, it has made communication as simple as clicking a button, advertisement in the internet has levelled the playing field so that starting businesses can get a shot at acquiring clients and it has become an integrated part of everyday life. For business owners, having your own website is a very helpful, if not mandatory business plan. Potential clients will be able to find and research info on your services; websites are easily one of the fastest ways to advertise. So if you plan on registering your very own, the process is not as simple as compared to other advertising options. I will cover all the basic questions beginners ask when registering their website and domain name below so jot down each to help you breeze through the process.


Deciding the Domain Name

You basically have free reign to choose whatever name you want your website to have, but keep in mind that it should be easy to remember, eye catching and self explanatory as to what to expect when they click it. You can use a maximum of up to 60+ characters for the name but that doesn’t mean you can make it as long as you want, try to keep the entire website name under five words so that people will have no problem remembering the site, refrain from using intricate words and use simpler easy to spell ones. Think twice about using symbols like hyphens as it can be rather troublesome to explain when talking to a customer. Use your business’ name or a descriptive word that explains your business services.

Once you’ve settled on a domain name, you will then be prompted to see if it’s available. If you get an error message then one of a couple things could be the reason; it’s either already taken or it has been bought for use in the future. Don’t fret if your domain is already taken, site registrars will often give you alternate options to consider. Again, having a list of potential domain name on hand doesn’t hurt either.

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Registrations of your Domain Name

In this process, I suggest scouring the internet for web hosting sites with the best deals. Registration can go as low as $8.00 to almost $40.00 so research is your ally here. Check for hosts that offer the lowest price with the most services guaranteed by registering in their server. If by chance the name you chose is not available yet does not appear on the search engine you can use the InterNIC Whols software to track the owner and ask him/her if you can buy the domain name. Note that prices for already registered names may not come cheap. This is not uncommon as there’s profit and collecting and buying domain names in order to sell them in the future, some even buy hundreds of domain names and intends to sell them with a very inflated price. The best scenario if your chosen domain name is unavailable will be if the current owner has stopped using that name due to lack of interest or changed to something else, with this name owners you can actually buy the domain name for very little fee.

Another option for these problems is to check if the owner hasn’t renewed their registration for quite some time. In these instances, some website services can help you register that name to yours right away for no extra cost. Examples of website software that offers this type of services are NameWinner and SnapNames.

If you are going to buy an expired domain name from a previous owner always examine the reasons it is not operating anymore. That the last thing you need is to have a domain name with a rather shady history. Most of the time the reasons are pretty basic like the owners have lost interest in the page or they are not conducting the duties that the page offers anymore, but check thoroughly anyways just to be safe.

Registering and opening your very own website is only a doorway to achieve success in whatever endeavour you are pursuing, keep advertising and updating your website, upgrade it in the future if necessary and your online traffic generation will keep on growing.


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HTML5 for success

The battle of Apple and Adobe was a swift one, Apple unleashed the new HTML5 which they say can do all of the things Adobe’s Flash can do and more while Adobe stuck to their tried and true Flash program. Unfortunately for Adobe, the new HTML5 won in the end and is now the main program used in displaying web pages. Now, the HTML5 is slowly but surely shaping the future of websites. But what is HTML5 and what makes it so special? We’ll go in and study the inner working of codes of the HTML5 and find out if it can really evolve how we view web pages.


What you need to know about the HTML5

The latest reiteration of the “hypertext markup language” or HTML, version 5 is actually a combination of three programs; the HTML, the CSS and the JavaScript. HTML is basically an outline plan of the webpage and CSS handles most of the appearance while JavaScript is the backbone that supports all of these together. The thing that makes HTML5 so special is that unlike other programs that produce web pages, HTML5 doesn’t need any extra plug-ins in order to showcase animations, videos, applications and music on the web page. It can do all of those without resorting to extra installation that can hinder the speed of your computer. Essentially, the HTML5 is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to web browsing. Another positive aspect of the HTML5 is that it doesn’t have any copyrights, it’s free to use, and it can work in all platforms in the market today and can even be used in Smart TVs.

The HTML5 does not actually need to be online to work, you can edit web pages offline and it has the uncanny ability to effortlessly play HD videos too. With all of these great features that HTML5 delivers, it may surprise you that it still not finished expanding and adding new elements to web viewing. GPS tracking and web applications are now part of the format and the HTML5 still has plenty of room to grow.


How can I start using HTML5 for web browsing?

Actually, it might be integrated into your browser as we speak. All major web browsing programs like Mozilla’s Firefox and Google Chrome already uses HTML5, the only difference would be how many of the heap of features HTML5 are being used by the browser. The front runner of HTML5 supported browser is the Firefox, but as stated earlier, the HTML5 is still fresh and will surely implement new and helpful features in the future so you never know what browser will be the most updated next day. One problem with the HTML5 that is standing out is its video playability; it really has nothing to do with HTML5 itself but rather the browsers that it is used on. Unfortunately, each browser has a different video format preferred making the HTML5 video quality inconsistent with each browsers. Some may play a certain video file just fine but use another browser and the quality and frame rate drops down at a surprising rate.



Creating web pages using HTML5

Basically, since HTML5 offers an all-in-one package you don’t really need any special program for creating a web page and just use HTML5 directly. But the most popular and widely used is the Adobe Dreamweaver that acquired a patch to be able to edit HTML5 formats. Adobe will also be releasing the program Edge that is an HTML5 only animation editor, this program will help make easy to create flash animations for web designers.



Even though technology is always evolving at break neck speeds, the HTML5 sits comfortably at the top of its category and not worrying about becoming obsolete due to the simple but important fact that it’s very adaptable. We can expect to have the HTML5 accompany us through our web surfing, that is until HTML6 rolls along.

How to Generate Optimum Images for Your Web Page

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The images story

A problem that still pervades even with today’s high speed internet connection is the slow loading of some web pages. There are numerous reasons for you to experience this but we will tackle one of the most common cause for slow downs, the images. Chances are if the website is slapped dashed with tons of media and images then it will take a long time to load completely. You see, you just can’t embed or encode large files into your web page without incurring some sort of repercussions. Larger files will take longer time and so high definition images that come with a hefty size will understandably load longer. For you to completely remove this problem here are a few tips in order to negate any problems that come with high quality images.


1. Crop the Image

Cropping involves the removal of some of the portions of the image in order to reduce its size. More importantly, this is used when you want to remove only some parts of the picture but retaining its original dimension. This feature is mainly used for aesthetically purposes only though and not to actually resize the image file.


2. Resizing the Image

Different from cropping, resizing the image is the best solution for reducing the image’s file size while not removing portions of the image. Always keep in mind that some monitors cannot properly display the correct size for some with higher dimensions. The solution most people use for this little problem is to scale the images but that would mean the chances for longer load time, this is where you use resizing in tandem with scaling.


3. Try Different Image Formats

Different image formats offer various levels of quality and image size. Try experimenting which type of format can give you the best quality and least file size for your web page and use that. The most popularly used format is obviously the Jpeg format, it only take up little space and can have really decent image quality. There are other formats that you use, like I said just experiment on which one would work best for your page.

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4. Trim down the Quality

This is the most commonly used method for optimizing images for your web page. Simple and quick, you can downsize the quality to as low as 70% without incurring any noticeable drop in image quality. You can do this to all image formats as well, like Jpeg and Png while for gif images you need only to scale the colour palette down.


5. Input the Dimension

Another simple way to fix your image to the best quality is by setting the height and width attributes of the image before uploading them. You can reduce the dimension but not affect the quality. View your web page and determine the correct size for your images to be displayed properly. It is simple and fast and for most occasions rewards you with a quick page load.


6. Use the CSS

The best thing you can do to accurately optimize your images is to use the CSS to manually affix and customize your web page. CSS can let you edit fonts, colours and background in order to give you the reigns to customize everything to satisfy your vision. CSS in conjunction with the other methods can easily give you a smooth flowing website that loads instantly.

For websites that use only a few images in their pages, you can skip on optimizing the image files as the server will not have to use more resources in loading everything in your site. Slowdowns due to image files are mainly the result of poor encoding or rushed work.

Easy Tweaks for Your Website

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Small changes can bring a lot of benefits

Do you kind of feel that your website is bland or has become stale? The web design just not doing it for you? Well there are a few simple ways you can revise your website or blog design. These require little effort to achieve and don’t even need you to have vast experience in web design, just the basics and a little artistic imagination will do and you can create a much fresher website. These easy to do tips will not require you to completely change every aspect of your website, which could have a hefty price tag and will not guarantee immediate success so why gamble with complete renovation when there’s a way where your only investment will be a little bit of time?

The most basic method of shifting your webpage design is by incorporating images, if by chance you’ve already posted images in your website you should think about swapping newer ones to your current pictures. The website named offers thousands of low cost to free images that you can then include in your new web design. There literally hundreds of websites that offer royalty free images that you can use. Check some of them out and find the images that can compliment your new web design vision for your website.

Completely changing your webpage’s colour is also big factor in the design process. It is basically up to you to choose what colour palette you will mix together but make sure each colour compliments one another; otherwise you’ll have yourself a nauseating mash of contradicting colours and give your visitors a headache in the process. As a tip, try incorporating darker colours in the background while using lighter tones for the foreground and the font or vice versa. Don’t forget to replace border colours as well; they can give depth to your web design. Again, images can help in these portions of the design, if you have plain colour background I suggest you add a new background image there. Remember that there’s a high chance of having intangible fonts against an image background so create an opaque border to remedy this. Background images are a huge help in adding flavour and an atmosphere to your website. Try to keep the image simple however as a more extravagant background that takes the attention of the visitor is not what you would want.

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However with all these easy steps in creating and redesigning your website, there is one method that seems good at paper but can totally mess up in the presentation. I’m talking about changing your fonts. There are a lot of new and unique fonts out there today that it may be tempting to use one of these “novelty” fonts for your website. I however dissuade you from choosing a unique or any novelty fonts out there for the simple reason that there is a chance that it will not appear properly on the monitor of users with a different browser than yours. You see, browsers already have a built in list of fonts that they can read and process, if you picked a font that is not on this list then they’ll either appear as random symbols or not appear at all. When it comes to choosing a font for your website I would always go to the standard list of font selection as these fonts will likely be already incorporated into the browser.

Redesigning your plain website into a livelier one doesn’t really need for you to hire another web designer. A few tweaks in the setting can do the job and might even make your website seem like it’s been refurbished from the ground up completely.

Cyber Psychology 101: Goad Users to Comment on Your Website

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Make users interact with your website

Ever feel like sometimes you just have to post a comment after reading an article or a blog on line? Well, like magicians, veteran bloggers and writers have perfected over time ways into pushing you to post a reply or comment on their webpage by simple word alteration and usage. After reading, you will subconsciously be pushed to comment and you are non wiser for it. After a decade of crafty subliminal button pushing, it’s time to unveil these secrets in order for you to be able to use this to your advantage as well. These are the skills perfected by word meisters in order to generate traffic into their blogs or websites just by using the power of words.


1. Teasing and Shocking Titles

This is the least subtle technique here but it still basically works like a charm up to this day. We’ve all seen that one headline that is just literally screaming to be noticed. All in capitalized letter and ending with one too many exclamation marks. Just by reading their bogus topic and headline will already have you brain scrambling for a reply to their post. Yes, chances are they deliberately used these specific words to target would be netizens that are just passing by and draw them into their website. Once you’ve clicked their post, they’ve already won half the battle.


2. Flattering

One of the easiest and common methods to fall on someone’s good side is to make them feel special. Sure brown nosing is frowned upon but the in fast paced internet world, every available way to accumulate more hits is fair game. One way bloggers and website owners tend to do this by installing a feature that will incorporate top comment page that shows the most active posters. Another way, one that requires a lot more effort is replying to every single comment posted by users. This can take a lot of time depending of your website’s popularity but it’s the most honest way to actually let users feel they are part of the blog or site.


3. Status Display

Simple yet very effective ways to entice users and advertisers alike, if you have a lot of subscribers do not be afraid to flaunt the numbers. Websites and blogs that sport a status that shows their traffic generation will not only have advertisers flock your page but also curious users that want to check what all the fuss is about. Users also tend to subscribe to a blog or website with a very dynamic internet community. It’s all about the mob mentality of people, seeing a place where a lot of people congregate will entice more to join in and be part of the community.

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4. Refrain Updating the Date

A lot of users tend to drift towards blogs or articles that are new and current as opposed to the ones that are older whatever the topic is. If they find an interesting topic but sees that it was dated a year ago, there’s a huge chance that they’ll back out right away and look for something more new. So hide your publish dates and see hits from some of your articles from a few years back still active and kicking.


5. Questions?

A good technique used by bloggers and article writers is by leaving the topic open for discussion. Don’t be definitive in your opinion but try to leave the topic open for debate and further discussion. Execute this perfectly and watch your comment skyrocket and your on line traffic spike.

Basically, a lot of this techniques use little to no trickery which shows you how crafty and talented some bloggers and writers really are. In the end, it’s all about how you present your topics to the masses and how much you have piqued their curiosity enough for them to engage in your blog or website.

Cloud Services: Does it Offer Cloud 9 to Businesses?

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Cloud for businesses

The fast growing implementation of cloud services in online businesses are increasing at a steady rate. More and more are using this service as it is fast, compact and removes most of the hassles of physical storage devices like maintenance. But is this a reliable option? The citizens of the internet or “netizens” are still rather split on using cloud storage services because of all the positives it has to offer there are still the possibilities of major errors.


First let’s talk of what a cloud computing really is, cloud computing is defined by a single software application that will manage most of the important functions that are normally done by the computer through installed hardware or software. This will ease the workload on your PC and will transfer most of the effort in designated servers in the internet. This is quite helpful for the obvious reason that it decreases the strain set on your computer’s hardware. Microsoft is a fundamental pusher of this technology, claiming it to be the future of the industry and with good reason.


In today’s fast growing computer industry, business owners are looking for faster and more efficient ways to conduct business and cloud computing services can offer this unlike any other. More and more cloud computing services are appearing to offer people and business owners a fine alternative to their storage needs.


What’s so great about cloud storage is that users can basically access their files anywhere and at anytime they desire. They would only need an internet connection which is rarely a problem with built in packet data and Wi-Fi hot zones that are so widespread in almost every location. It can also, in the future, make hardware storages obsolete by giving users infinite, if they can afford it, space for memory storages. Never will you need to install or save a file in your hardware which will help speed up your computer processor. With larger companies, they can eliminate the need to purchase some installations for their hard drive, cloud computing will analyze the appropriate application to use and the company would only need to pay a small storage fee in order use them again. IT support will be less needed as online storage systems have fewer instances of malfunction and in the event that it did have one, the service company will be the one to handle the solution.


Scientists will also benefit from using cloud computing services. Normally, complex computations are handled by one computer that may take an extensive duration in order to complete. By using the web based cloud computing application, the service can use all of its available servers in order to complete the work in record time with its massive amount of processor. Now with all that potential for advancement, what are the pitfalls when using this still fairly young and yet untested technology?

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The biggest and most glaring flaw and alarm for using cloud computing for storage are the two most important factors when traversing the internet, privacy and safety in personal information. As vast as the security protocols that services implement, the chance of being hacked is still a huge risk, thus prompting concerned users to not fully implement the capabilities offered by cloud computing system. Big time companies will undoubtedly think twice of using cloud storage for their company’s most important file if they can’t guarantee its safe keeping. Leaving important files and documents basically out in the open is a risk everyone cannot take. The only guarantee for clients is that services cannot afford to make any mistakes as one grave error can ruin their business entirely.


In conclusion, I believe that cloud computing has the capacity to be the future of the computer industry if it can remove the security doubts that online storage has. I would suggest letting this technology evolve more and see how things will be in a couple of years time. Cloud computing storage has a huge potential to be a game changer, the only question is if it will be able to grow full circle.

Bending Internet Advertising to Your Benefit

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SEO for generating traffic and more sales

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic on your website; some are easier than others while some offer a higher chance of succeeding but with a price. With today’s internet entrepreneurs all dipping in the online world as a potential future grounds for business it will be a lot harder for new websites to generate as much traffic with countless others trying to entice users to their own websites. It is no surprise that some crafty web owners have created unorthodox ways of advertising their web pages. This methods are somewhat frowned upon but is still a legitimate way of quickly generating traffic for your site when you’ve done all of the best web design idea but still find yourself behind the pack.


Internet has opened a floodgate of potential new entrepreneur ventures that is now being utilized widely. Free advertisement has always been a dream of entrepreneur and by creating their own web page they have walked through the doorway to this new land. But with most convenient methods, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the middle of hundred others that are also utilizing the technique. This is why some web owners have resorted to unconventional ways in order to get more hits on their website. One of the methods that are prevalent today is the use of a low-cost workforce to spread links of your website to other sites and blogs. You might be surprised as to how many you could find that you can hire for as low as a 50 cents for each posted link.


Another is slightly bordering between unorthodox and common is posting as many links and info about your website to as many site as possible. Websites where tremendous traffic is generated are the best targets. Be careful though as I said, this method if done improperly is borderline spamming and the last thing you need is to be banned and losing all potential visitors. The best way to achieve this is to add helpful and beneficial post to the thread or to the comment section, be friendly and just add a link to your website for interested members to check.

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Content is the main reason for users to click on your site so it’s only smart to actually post content that can pique the user’s interest. Posting something that is contemporary to current events is the best way to go about this method. Remember that you can include content that you don’t really believe in completely. Remember that any kind of advertisement is good advertisement but that is a double edged sword so use it carefully.


The most notorious method in generating traffic is buying domain names to be linked to your website. Some domain buyers buy misspellings of popular websites in the hope that users will click it and be transferred to theirs. This scheme however is littered with pitfalls however as the possibility of being sued by the company you are using even if the name is misspelled. A much safer way is buying domain names that come with keywords that will be linked to your website.


Note that all of these methods are deemed controversial for various reasons; you can try using these tactics but do it at your own risk. There’s nothing wrong with bending the rules a little as long as you don’t aggravate anyone and if it is actually beneficiary to you and the users so just be careful when planning how to successfully market your web page. The best way is still to build up your reputation as a user-friendly or consumer friendly website in order to reel in visitors, with this method you can bet that they will be able to share your page to anyone with similar interest.

Avoiding the “Scam” Website Look

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Do’s and Don’t ‘s

A common hindrance for any website, especially the newer ones, is to have visitors believe that the site is a legitimate website and not one of those trap attack sites. With all forms of dangerous malwares that have littered in the darkest corners of the internet, it’s only natural for users to be wary of any unfamiliar website that appears. In order for you to break down this wall of mistrust with users, we’ll talk about the ways you can achieve this and guarantee the visitor that you are a legitimate website with no funny business.


Include contact information

First thing you should add into your website is contact information. If you check most of the on line shops out there, some do not incorporate contact information, which for me gives me doubt. While there is no problem with not including any contact information, some users will likely ask for more information and guarantees and the best way to conduct that is by personally communicating with them. Some users may skimp on contacting you and go directly to purchasing but where’s the harm in having contact information? If you have a shop located somewhere, you can include the complete address of that shop on your website and probably a number to contact. This will show that you are legitimate and at the same time professional.


Professional looking website

If you just slapped images together over a plain background, few on line visitors are to be expected. On line users tend to navigate away from amateur looking website rather than get attracted to them. You don’t need to hire a highly experienced web designer to do this for you, just bring out your artistry and remember these 3 important notes:


1. Limit your colors as you do not want your web page to look like a rainbow. Choose colors that complement each other to avoid eye strain.

2. Pick appropriate images to upload into your web page. Images will add to the theme of your website and give first time visitors an idea of what to expect from your website.

3. Reduce advertisements on your website. It’s understandable that you would include adverts from other sites and company but do not have them disrupting the flow of the visitor’s navigation.



Installing an SSL certificate is a good way to inspire trust from visitors who you ask for any kind of contact information. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer will encrypt any information passed from users to the host in order to make sure that no 3rd party will be able to get a hold of said information. This is one of the best methods to build trust with users and clients as it shows that you are responsible with information they give to you.

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Show samples

Uploading samples of your services or products online with legitimate statements from previous satisfied customer will further put doubt to rest. Don’t put stock photos but real photos you took yourself when sampling your products. Add a date stamp and include messages from your previous customers to show legitimate transactions.


The FAQs Page

A simple yet very effective method to gain trust is to add a FAQ page where visitors can leave questions and inquiries and where they can find readily made information for your product or services offered in your website. Be sure to always update the FAQ page with questions and answers for common to the not so common inquiries you receive from visitors.


Having a presentable website that looks and feels professional can eliminate any doubt users might have and will be able to assist in generating not only trust but traffic into your web page. Keep in mind that your website should not only cater to you but to any potential customers out there surfing the internet.

10 Advertising Tips for Your Website

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Internet marketing at work

The great thing about internet marketing is that almost all of the options laid out to you are free. Sure there are some that require payment but they don’t even cost half as much as they would outside the internet. If you’re creative and crafty then you could generate as much traffic as someone who pays for advertisement, maybe even more. It’s all about presentation and being astute to the contemporary. If you study closely some of the most popular websites out there, you may notice that most did not drop immense cash on the advertisements. Proving that in the internet, it is basically fair grounds for everyone who wants to start an online business website or the likes. Here are 10 of the best advertisement tips for your website.


1. Marketing via Articles – Register in a couple of article websites and start writing. Make an article that details your website, make it informative and entertaining and you have yourself free advertisements. There are some pitfalls you should avoid like making your article a little self centered or not putting enough information about your website in the article can very much ensure visitors ignoring your article all together.


2. Blogging – Blog on a regular basis and always alert the aggregator whenever you post a new one. This can help increase your visibility and is another expense free advertising strategy. Blog about topics that center on your website, like article writing this should be interesting and worthwhile. Note that you can post updates of new blogs on social networking sites too.


3. Domain and Email – While having a domain is another topic on its own, creating an email address that uses your domain name is another viable way of broadening your reach. Having an email based domain has a lot of positive and barely, to no negative whatsoever.


4. Forums – Scour the internet that focuses on topics that your web page tackles and register to that forum. Start offering your site to those potential customers and use your domain name as the signature that appears at the end of post. This is one of the fastest ways to accumulate traffic and clients and can increase your online visibility even further.


5. Bookmark Websites – Websites that gather articles of various subjects like Digg is another free advertising waiting for you to be tapped on. Website such as this generate tumultuous amount of traffic daily and submitting articles that tackles and give links to your own subject matter and website. Regular posting is again advised to generate as much traction as possible.

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6. SEO – Knowing how SEO works will greatly help you in keeping your website at the top of the heap. If you have little knowledge on how this functions, hiring an SEO specialist to check and fix your website can work wonders in the future.


7. Online Directories – Online directories are a good and easy way to get your website out there with little to no cost. Submit your website to as much directories as possible while also checking feedbacks on said directory services.


8. PPC – Pay per click is one of the best ways to generate online traffic but it is also not for free. Google is the best PPC services out there today with their patented Adwords but Yahoo also have one of their own. This is the tried and true formula for producing fast traffic on your website.


9. Commenting – Popular blogs, social networking sites and even media sites like youtube allows you to comment on posts. Use this to your advantage and post constructive comments and attaching your link below. Make it sound not too contrived and comment on the post directly to not appear as just a spammer or bot.


10. The Social Network – Internet has made sure that social networking site like Facebook has been integrated into everyday living, making them ripe for business ventures and advertisements. Ushering in a future of new marketing techniques, social network is now being tested on by advertisers and it is a smart move as anything can be shared by a single click of a button. A single view could spread like wildfire and can accumulate into the thousands by the hour making online networking site the best way to advertise your own websites.