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6 Guidelines for Web Design Students

For web design students learning the ropes of correct web programming, it could be a mouthful to take in all of the technical jargon that you’ll encounter. For the uninitiated it may even feel like you’re hearing a language from another world. But since you chose this field of study then I would have to guess that you have a passion for web programming and designing. Even if you find yourself eager to learn you can still encounter some obstructions while learning about web designing. Either you lack confidence or are easily pressured, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when tackling this complicated web of codes.


  1. The internet is you best friend. It truly is, don’t fret if your school does not have web design in their subjects, the best thing about web designing is that you don’t exactly need to learn it in school. Browse the internet for helpful tutorials and you can basically acquire all the necessary knowledge from that. Buying a book that talk about the basics of web design is also a great option; there are tons of free decent internet tutorials out there ready to be read so don’t be afraid to grab the opportunity of gaining free knowledge.


  1. Experimentation is the mother of creativity so think outside the box. Following things by the book is, of course, a safe way to go about web designing but how can you gauge your skills if you don’t try to design things outside the box? Be creative and unique, just let loose and you might even create an exceptional design layout.


  1. Even if you’re still learning web designing and programming don’t hesitate to offer your services to webmasters looking to build new websites. The best experience is on the job experience, sure you might be a little clumsy and your inexperience may show but testing your skills to its maximum limit is the fastest way to make your experience grow faster. So, advertise your services out there and don’t be afraid of pushing your web design knowledge to the limit. It will all be worth it in the future.


  1. When given a project by your professor, do not hesitate to push the envelope in terms of designing to a whole new level. If you’re asked to create a sample web page why not do a complete website? Don’t stand for second best and always go for the first place. So what if you’re dubbed as an overachiever? Have you hear of any successful underachiever?


  1. Practice your Resume


Participating in portfolio reviews is a great way of getting ready for an actual job interview once you’ve graduated. You have to learn about your field in web designing and programming completely so that you will be able to memorize it like the back of your hand. Practice speaking with non-web designers as your initial interviews will most likely have you talking with people with no background in web design. Know all the technical terms but also have an alternate language that you can use to show interviewers with little knowledge in computers your range and skill sets.

  1. When showing a portfolio of your work use the actual finished and in use image. For example, a magazine layout that you designed should be printed clearly as if an actual magazine page. Whether you designed for a magazine or a website, be sure to use actual images of your finished projects. Print them in clear sharp photo paper and use a professional looking album instead of a plain cover.


Remember that designing websites and layouts is your forte; you should have that mindset when presenting your work for a client. Be professional and show that you have the appropriate creative and artistic skills alongside technical knowledge and you’ll land a job in no time.

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