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Bing Ads introduction

Bing Ads, formerly known as MSN adCenter or Microsoft adCenter, is a service which offers PPC (pay per click) online advertising on Yahoo! and Bing search engines. In the United States, Bing Ads had 15.6% market share in the fourth quarter of 2013.


What is the story behind it?

The big three search engines—Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft developed their own systems for providing online marketing such as pay per click. Every ad shown on MSN search engine were brought about by Overture, until 2006 when it was taken over by Yahoo!. A percentage of the profit from the ads were collected by MSN in response for presenting on its search engine some Yahoo! Advertisements.

As the online marketing developed, Microsoft decided to create its own ad system, the MSN adCenter, which offers PPC ads straight to promoters and advertisers. As the system advanced, MSN Search, which is now called Bing, presented Yahoo! and adCenter ads together in the search engine results. The effort to generate Microsoft AdCenter was by Tarek Najm, the general manager of the MSN department at that time. And then, in June 2006, the agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo! terminated so Microsoft was only showing ads from its adCenter until the year 2010.


Microsoft purchased a company located in Gatineau, Canada named DeepMetrix, which produced web-analytics software in November 2006. With this, a new creation, AdCenter Analytics, was made. And afterwards, Microsoft Project Gatineau’s Beta version was released on October 2007 to some exclusive members.


Comes May 2007, Microsoft decided to acquire for approximately $6 billion, aQuantive, the parent company of the digital marketing solutions. They then resold to Facebook an important section of the aQuantive purchase, Atlas, in 2013. On May 2007, the company acquired ScreenTonic, AdECN on July 2007, and on February 2008, YaData. They combined their expertise and technologies into adCenter.


Publisher Leadership Council was produced on February 2009 under Microsoft Advertising. It was in charge to supply the next-generation marketing policy for the producers of digital media subsequent in the development of Microsoft pubCenter.


Microsoft declared in the beginning of 2010 a contract wherein it would take possession of the Yahoo! Search operation, and arrange a joint venture to trade advertising on Bing and Yahoo! Search branded as Microsoft Search Alliance. In October 2010, a comprehensive evolution of all Yahoo!-sponsored advertisement patrons to Microsoft adCenter transpired. Finally, on September 10, 2012, the Search Alliance was retitled the Yahoo! Bing Network, and adCenter was give new name: Bing Ads.


What is the edge of Bing Ads over others?

Just like other PPC online advertisements, Bing Ads uses PPC system, which is the maximum sum that a promoter is eager to pay per click (PPC) on their advertisement; and the click-through rate (CTR) of the ad, which defines how often an ad is exposed. With this, advertisers are encouraged to make good and effective ads and to market on keyword searches which are only relevant or significant to their business.


Bing Ads permits promoters to target their varied advertisements by limiting them to specified demographics and by increasing the amount of their bids each time their ad is exposed and clicked by a searcher. Until November 2006, none has this PPC system feature. In the same way, Bing Ads lets advertisers to show their advertisements on particular days of the week or specified times of day. It also provides a tool for computers to control campaigns offline which allows editors to have offline changes to the campaigns and sync it online later. This is called Bing Ads Editor. Bing Ads also offers APIs which can be operated to regulate ad campaigns.


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