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ASP.NET Is open source, server-side web application frameworkis and it’s designed for Web development and it’s used to produce dynamic Web pages. Originally was developed by Microsoft and it allows programmers to create dynamic web applications, web sites and web services. It was released in early 2002 with version 1.0 of the .NET Framework. It is the successor to Microsoft’s (ASP) Active Server Pages technology. It is built on the (CLR) Common Language Runtime, thus allowing programmers to use any supported .NET language to write ASP.NET code. ASP.NET components can process SOAP messages through the ASP.NET SOAP extension framework. ¬† JavaScript (JS) is one of a dynamic computer programming language. Most commonly is used as part of web browsers and it’s implementations allow client-side writen scripts to interact with the user, give control trough the browser, asynchronously communication and change the document content that is showed in the browser. It is commonly being used in server-side network programming as well (with Node.js), for game development and the other creation of mobile and desktop applications.