SEO Commandments for Independent Business Websites

Sure the Internet is something of a worldwide commodity and if you have a business you might think that it will barely help your venture if you only have a local and independent business that doesn’t cater to a worldwide audience. You’re wrong on that and if you haven’t been using the Internet to boost your local business then you are losing a lot of potential customers as days go by. You see with a smaller business that is situated in a single area, you can actually concentrate your on line advertisement more and thus increase your sales and demand by spotlighting your location to the Internet. Internet is spreading like wildfire to every home and chances are that your area is just brimming with traffic right now and some of those users may be in need of your product or services so it’s a perfect chance to capitalize on this technology right now. Here are some ways you can use the internet to expand your small business.

Your Location, Use It

This is the most important method to use for local business website to include. For example, if your store is located in, let’s say, Johannesburg in South Africa and you’re a wedding planner then including a keyword that states “wedding planner Johannesburg” is a great way to focus your websites reach within your area. Internet users in that location will look for services that are in the same area to reduce any traveling or delivery cost.

Do Not Forget Meta Tags

Meta tags are the keywords pertaining to your site. It is important to optimize this with keywords that are related your business as well as your location. Always include the same keywords when using Meta tags and for your content as a website that is filled with Meta tags that are not found in their content will appear shady.

 Don’t Ignore your Location in the Content

Using important keywords in the text of your content is crucial as these are also scanned by search engines. If you only input your business and services then you’ll get lost in the shuffle of other websites. It is important to also include your location in the body text; with this you can ensure a much tighter SEO and a higher chance of visibility to Internet users in your area.

Specific Applications can help

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from web applications like Google Place. You should present your location information to Google so that your website will come up for specific searches that include locations.

Research Alternative Search Engines

Another technique to enhance your local business website is to use local search engines in your country. While most countries will not have this feature readily available if you do have one, don’t hesitate to use it to optimize your website. Look for local search engines; it will be able to help you a lot in terms advertising your business.

Regular Review of your Keywords

This is a must for SEO optimization if you want to maintain visibility on search engines. Use Google AdWords and regularly check for popular keywords that pertain to your website and update your Meta tags and keywords if necessary.

Hopefully these tips will help your business grow more profitable, all of the tips listed here require little to no expense so it is worth a try especially if you want to have a successful business venture. Know that optimizing your SEO is the first step into generating a successful website and being updated with current technology will give you a leeway into free advertisement. For a local business, the Internet is one of the great places to profit from in today’s world.