On Page SEO

How is it done?

Getting high search rankings has never been easy, and with recent developments in the online industry, the task has gotten even trickier! These days, merely having good content is not enough to rank high in a major search engine by outperforming competitors.


On page SEO

The most crucial aspect of search engine optimization is on page SEO. If you are just a beginner, you will be glad to know the fact that it will not take a whole lot of effort on your part to understand some basic techniques. In fact, you can implement some on page SEO tactics just within an hour or so. But what makes on page SEO absolutely crucial? Well, first of all, on page SEO will make sure that your page ranks higher than other similar pages, and secondly, when you implement on page SEO smartly, your site’s readability will increase too!

On page SEO includes aspects like keyword percentage, title of the page, link anchor text, outgoing link types, bold or italicized portions etc. It is believed that there are at least 20 different on page aspects that come into play when it comes to rankings.

Off Page SEO

On page SEO is not the only thing that impacts search engine results however, because off page SEO is almost equally important. Some consider off page SEO to be more important than on page SEO. Off page SEO includes aspects that impact your website’s ranking in an indirect manner. You can neither control such factors, nor change using codes. Off page SEO includes aspects like incoming link numbers, extent of social media shares, page rank etc.


Why is off page SEO important?

Off page SEO is primarily important because search engines gauge a website’s popularity and usability based on its presence overall. Whether other links are linking to a website or not, and if yes, then what is the authority of these external links and can they play important part when it comes to ranking of a site. Many debate whether social media links are actually traditional strategy or not, and the debate is not going to end soon.

Link-building has always been a quite controversial topic in the web industry, and is likely to remain so. However, there is no doubt about the fact that external links are extremely important when it comes to ranking of a site. So in case you have great content, yet no link-building strategy, you are just wasting time and money!

on page seo

on page seo


off page seo

off page seo