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Using Video Games for Web Design Ideas


Video games are a huge treasure trove of untapped potential web design ideas. As both industries grow, they appear to assimilating each other and becoming closer and closer alike. This is no surprise as one of the main factors in video games is the intricate artistic designs they feature. Design ideas are not the only things that web designer can take a cue from video games. A lot of the interactivity can also be incorporated into a website’s design and take advantage of people’s need to have achievements. We’ll go into this discussion further in this article as we delve into how web designers can use the blooming video game industry as a guideline for unorthodox and unique web designs.


One the factor you can implement into your website that is from video games is basically, interactivity. Having a feature that offers your visitors a unique way to intermingle with your site’s content like for example, some sort of competition for internet users, with little prizes and recognitions. One of the best aspects of video game menus is that they are user friendly and very easy to navigate and direct to the point. Taking this into account will give you an idea how to build the navigation for your website. A good video game menu can give users everything they look for with just a few presses or clicks. When was the last time you got lost navigating a video game menu? Me neither. Video games always make sure that not only to have easy navigation but also some interesting designs and little subtle nuances to keep the users attention. Note that the perfect navigation for menus, video game and websites alike, is that navigation should not interfere or break the users browsing. Navigation should be as much a part of the experience as the design and the content. If you have made navigating through your website a chore and a distraction then you have failed to make a quality navigation system for your website.


Website should take some pointers in how video game developers produce their own menus and navigation. It’s all about the ease of access and the flow of the users experience when browsing your webpage. No internet user would want to persistently click links that does not give them what they are looking for. Video game menus have perfected the combination of quick navigation and creativity and designers should take a gander of how they do this. Since the great web designers have realized this fact many of them are using this kind of  navigation for the newly designed websites. And it’s needles to say, this kind of design is often work of the best web design company that one can hire.

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A web designer must always keep in mind that information is the main reason users visit sites, not the design. The design is to lure visitors in, think about it as a hook, line and sinker deal. You have the hook and line which is the layout design and the sinker, which is the content. While video game mainly centers in the entertainment aspect, web designers should focus on the content delivery. Check out and study popular video game websites and video game interface to figure out how you can effectively incorporate the important factors together.


The construction of the website must always be the defining factor for your layout. Consider what your content is all about and take some pointers on video game menu design as your jumping point. Will the style you want coincide with the content? It’s all about theatricality when it comes to web designs, choosing the perfect theme that will fit perfectly to your website and adding interactivity where it is needed. Choose to include music that will help create the ambience but always allow users the option of turning it off.


When it comes to designing, the video game industry has some of the richest idea you can find. Creating your own fresh and unique designs rooted on a video game sense can ensure that you will have a special website; it’s up to you to apply the finishing touches.

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