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Why Web Advertisement Banner is a Tough Nut to Crack


Since the beginning of the internet and web browsing, web banners have been an integral part of the internet experience. A lot of online entrepreneurs will do a ton of research in order to create a web page banner that will not only attract the user’s attention but also compel them to click the banner itself. In today’s world, this has become a lot tougher today due to prevalent attack sites that have sprouted online but is still a worthwhile venture if you know how to present and design a banner to give that very important trustworthy feel.


The Curious Case of the Banner Button

The key thing to achieve when creating a web banner is that it should always pique the user’s curiosity. A lot of banners you see today have all these extravagant and flashy colors that are sure to get the attention of user passerby but does not make them curious as to what the advertisement is all about. Only a few times have I come across a banner that truly got me interested to click on them and I have been scouring all around the internet for years. It is rather difficult to achieve this but one common method is to use a little bit of reverse psychology in designing a banner. Whatever your design plan is, the key them should be curiosity.


Subtle Integration

Let’s take a page out of the developers of Google shall we? Incorporating “Adwords” into their search engine was a very smart way of subconsciously implanting advertisements into everyday generic web searching. By having advertisements appearing alongside your searches, you would instantly assume that you are searching for them instead of the truth which is the other way around. The genius about this method is that you do not distract the user from their web browsing and you still increase the chances of a successful advert.

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Interactive Commercials

We’ve all seen those banners where you can actually interact with animation, turning it into somewhat of a short mini game. What’s great about this method of banner advertisement is that user’s can physically join in on the advertising, alone the banner cannot give you any more information, it makes you click and even enjoy yourself for a while in return for the information. This may seem like the future of banner advertisement online but the downside is that it is not that popular among web owners. They see these types of advertisements as distraction to their content, thus having its potential cut hugely short.


Mysterious Aura

There are a lot of banners today that uses the black and white color formula in their template. The tried and true color combination was blue and yellow by the way. This new experiment hopes to attract curios visitors into the banner by using two very distinct but color that evokes a sense of mystery into the subconscious. Another psychological experiment that may or may not succeed, only time will tell as it is still fairly new.


Think Outside the Box

Many successful advertisement companies are where they are today due to the few that tried to think outside the norms. Online advertisements in banners and in other internet medium are so ripe with potential that it has the highest chance for budding online entrepreneur. One of the best examples for unique and creative advertising would be the website known as A different take on selling ad space, this website has divided pixels on the front page into a mosaic of adverts from different other websites and businesses. Having a unique feel and giving visitors a myriad of other services randomly combined in a mesh of entrepreneurial smarts.

There are a lot of ways to figuratively skin the online cat; it is up to you to create something that ensures every user that passes by will be intrigued by your banner, enough for them to want to know more. A lot easier said than done though, but it can be done with a little crank on the old thinking cap.