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What is Web 3.0?


The continuous evolution of the internet is truly something to look forward to. New innovations are being presented regularly that can change the way we use the internet. One of these new improvements to look forward to is the Web 3.0. Web 3.0is being dubbed the future of internet browsing, one of its features is the ability to give specific answers to specific questions. Today, we use keywords to help us find what we want in the internet; with the 3.0 we can input questions and the Web 3.0 will analyze each word and give us specific sites that will help us with our query. A very helpful tool in today’s fast paced world, the Web 3.0 will bring you detailed answers and organize and prioritize them for you. Basically, gone are the days that we have to scour each website on the first page of the search engine in order to find a particular topic.

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Experts are even calling the 3.0 our future personal assistant, with the ability to give us every query in record time it will definitely carve out its importance in businesses or in plain research. One of its most impressive features is its ability to learn the users preferred method of searching; this makes browsing that much easier and faster as time goes on. The web 3.0 will start to learn about the users habits and the way they conduct searches the moment they first type on their keyboard. The longer you use the Web 3.0 browser the less exact you’ll need to be when carrying out searches. Once it’s learned sufficient data about the user it will be able to give specific answers based upon the user’s likes and dislikes. This makes searches easier since you only need to type in a question like for example, “What’s a good video game to buy?” the browser will then dive into its extensive collection of information based on your previous searches and will give you a list of updated games of the genre and console that you prefer.


Technology experts are still split as to how web 3.0 will be integrated into our lives. Some see it as the definite future of internet browsing while some are in favor of separating it as its own different category due to its great leap over web 2.0. Each version seems to have their own specialties; Web 1.0 is like a huge collection of information, 2.0 amalgamate internet and communication while 3.0 will use online capability to bridge information at a vast scale. Web 3.0 will automatically define your search by using context which will greatly reduce any misinterpretation of the same words. A smart web browser, so to speak.


Web 3.0 is still in a theoretical phase, but with all the possibilities and the potential it can give to internet users everywhere you can be sure that it is only a matter of time before it emerges. One of the hurdles the 3.0 faces today is the question if it will re-invent the current 2.0 or start from the ground up. Many computer experts believe that something as revolutionary as Web 3.0 will need a new style of encoding and will invent new forms of computer language in order to operate. This means that our currently used HTML will become obsolete once Web 3.0 is unveiled. This will pose a lot of problem for programmers and designers as new knowledge must be discovered and learned once again, but like in Norse mythology with Odin sacrificing almost everything he has in order to gain the right of knowledge from the Yggdrasil Tree, it may be all worth it for a much better and brighter future for the World Wide Web.

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