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Sharpening your Links for SEO


Search Engine Optimization or SEO has 2 vital components to contend with. The on page and off page SEO factors greatly in your visibility in search engines, with the on page SEO, it basically handles what is inside the website. Important keywords used in the content will be checked and will help increase your visibility. But the more important factor between the two is the off page SEO; these are links and referrals by other websites that link your site to the search engine. The reason for this is that search engines today want to have a sort of guarantee that your web page is legit and so they will scour links of other websites that refer to yours. Basically, your goal is to have quality back links connected to your website. Knowing how to optimize for this is important as this is the key factor of having a successful website. Here are some pointers to help you sharpen your website’s SEO visibility.


Link yours to Related Websites


Major search engine giant Google gives more attention to sites that are linked to other larger sites of related content than to others that are just completely random. Be sure to take note of this when customizing your back links.


Page Ranking is Important


Sites with high ranking shows that it is trustworthy, therefore search engines will more likely show websites that are linked with these popular high ranking sites. It’s all about being reliable and having a back link with a website that has generated some good standing with users. Having your link in one of these sites can do wonder to yours and you can almost always expect a spike in your web traffic.

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No Follow Attributes


While this do not add a whole lot in terms of generating traffic, in the online world you need every single help you can get because it is one vast digital city with millions of other sites vying for the search engine’s attention. The positive thing about having no follow link is that it increases your website’s standing in search engines, a simple but effective way of inching closer to the top spot, making sure that you do not transfer or leave behind any link points.


Be Visible in Forums


I’m not saying that you should become the center of attention in forums, what I meant was that you should participate and share your link to those that might be interested in them. By using your web domain name as your signature, every post you have on a forum is an instant free advertisement. Be sure to participate in threads that are related to your website to increase the chance of passer bys seeing your site.


Take Care of Anchor Texts


Anchor texts are the keywords that search engines look at so be sure to optimize the keywords for anchor texts. Use specific keyword that coincides with your target audience, optimizing your anchor text is a step in the right direction for lifting your site to the top of the list.



Social Networking Sites are your Friend


You can always bet that social networking sites generate huge amount of traffic daily and you can use this to your advantage. Creating a witty little advertisement on networking sites can elevate your traffic to new heights especially if your contact list there is numerous. Every share by your contact can potentially reach hundreds and even thousands of other users.


Knowing the basics of how search engine works can be difference between an inactive website to a heavy traffic generating one. Study every aspect of SEO and web search integration and you’ll be able to achieve continuous web traffic and a top spot in search engines.
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