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Top 7 Media Players for Web Design


Adding media files to your website when designing is a great way to include some interactivity and life to your page. While you may be inclined to just pick any media player to incorporate into your website, you have to remember that an awful media player can drag your website loading speed to a crawl which is a great way to deter any visitors from visiting your website. A careful research of media players will come a long way once you’ve found how some players load exceptionally well on browsers. I compiled here a list of HTML media players that has proven their quality to aid you in choosing the best one for your site.

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  1. Projekktor – This application is free to download and is a HTML based encoded player. The applications do not have the common cross browser compatibility problem that most players have and for something free and a fairly quick loading media player it is very flashy and some really good features that are not common to find in media players.


  1. Flare Video – Flare Video supports HTML5 codes and flash animations which is a good thing considering that today, these are the main components used by web designers. It is also very user friendly with simple customization options for HTML, CSS and JavaScript it is a perfect tool for beginner web designers and programmers.


  1. Kaltura HTML5 – Is a big player in the market and is used by some popular websites like Wikipedia. Offering great quality imagery with minimal load times, the Kaltura HTML5 also feature cross browser compatibility and sports a fallback mechanic that ensures quality across all web browsers.


  1. Video for Everybody – One of the most used media player by web designers, Video for Everybody does what its name and advertisement implies with compatibility among all browser platforms including IPhones and IPads. It supports both flash readers and RSS sites. Being composed of simple HTML codes, this video player offers an easy plug and play type of installation and doesn’t need to be customized for most browsers.


  1. Open Standard Media or OSM Player – Developed by Alethia inc. with a compatibility ratio of 10:10, the OSM player is the most trusted and widely used media player application in the internet today. Offering no drop off in image quality and can play almost all of the popular media websites like YouTube and Vimeo.


  1. Sublime Video – A powerful new addition to media player library application, Sublime Video is one of the few media players the support cloud streaming making it automatically available to anyone connected to the internet. With HTML5 encoding backing it up, it is one of the highest quality players web designers can use. However, know that this is an application that needs to be purchased first before use.


  1. VideoJS – For all around effectiveness and superior quality and features, none can compare to the VideoJS application which uses 3 integral components; it incorporates Video for Everybody embed option making it cross compatible with every browser available, JavaScript and HTML/CSS customization. The JavaScript will help web designers ensure that no bugs and glitches will interfere with the visitors’ web browsing experience and with HTML and CSS customization; designers will gain the option of transforming the player into different designs and colors to suit their website’s theme.


These HTML based players will be a great help in facilitating a web page and making sure that not only do the website have top notch design, depending on the skills of the designer, but also takes no huge memory resources from the CPU processor which may cause some major slowdowns for your website. Careful encoding is always needed so either hire a skillful web designer or programmer to install these applications.

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