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The Seven Maddening Features of Web Design

Having completely annoying and pointless features in your website is the best way to scare of all who enter your domain. While these applications may have some merits in your eyes, don’t expect everyone to agree with you. I have listed the seven annoying website design layouts that have given visitors a mental scarring that whenever they see it again in a different website; their natural instinct is to run far, far away. Hopefully, you will read this list and not think otherwise of this bad ideas that you’ll actually include them in your design. If you did, well, you have just given your website a poison that has no antivenin.


  1. Using tiny frames to imprison your text is one way of giving visitors a headache. This one seems to be specifically made to annoy due to the fact that why would you put your content inside a smaller window when you have all the space you need to in the entire page? There’s no logic to using this design tactic except put emphasis more in your advertisements rather than your content. Annoyance level here, especially if the outside frame is littered with useless information you don’t need is at a face palming state.


  1. Another feature that some overly paranoid websites include is the disabling of the right click for your mouse. Why would they do this? Simply put, they do not want their content stolen but as many of you computer savvy readers know, you can actually use your keyboard to activate the same options when right clicking. Making this website content protection method virtually useless and only serves as an annoyance for visitors who need to right click your page for legitimate reasons.

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  1. Including a nonstop audio file in the background once you’ve loaded the page may not seem like a big deal but wait for a few more minutes and that music will turn into an ear grating noise. Sure they might use a good song but chances are they will only use public domain music because it’s free. How do you effectively drive out visitors out of your website? An attack on their ear is a sure success.


  1. Having links in your website open new windows can be an irritating affair similar to pop-ups of yesteryear. Imagine clicking links and having your browser cluttered with new windows. This is actually implemented by some webmasters to increase their traffic and ranking but the long lasting effects are too negative to even think about using this feature. Let the user choose whether to open another window when navigating your link.


  1. Using a flash centred navigational system may look very cool and stylish but think about the users who might have a slow internet connection or do not have the necessary plug in to play the animation. What they will see is basically a blank page with no way to continue to the content. This design is also not very search engine friendly so refrain from using this design layout if you want to create a successful website.


  1. Again, we have a pop-up window problem in our hand albeit using a different tactic. This is the most well known annoyance in the internet’s infancy stage. Having spam after spam of advertisements block your screen is a totally unforgiveable offense nowadays. This annoying feature has actually become some sort of a classic internet joke through the years, like playing whack-a-mole in your screen as you desperately try to just go to the page you desire.


  1. The equivalent of the above annoyance today is the seemingly eternal links you have to plod through in order to get to a page. Some shadier websites will have you running around the internet through loopholes that connect to other website while desperately trying to arrive at your destination. It’s literally a “Quantum Leap” simulation for visitors, hoping this next click is the click home.

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