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Is Your Website Design User Friendly for Inexperienced Users?


For a highly experienced web designer or web users in general, it is very easy to navigate the internet proficiently and know all the small nuances of finding certain websites. You will barely have a problem looking for specific topics and whatnot. While this is all good, for a web designer’s stand, it can affect your web programming and designing skills. You see, there are a lot of users out there who is still not using the internet search engine and address bar to its full potential. Knowing how these users use search engines is also vital as a majority of online search queries prove that they hold a huge percentage of internet users.

professional Web Designers

Keeping this into perspective means that you should always think of potential users into your site as “novice” users, not everyone is computer literate. My father for example, a doctor and a smart one might I add really has troubles using the computer. Every time he logs in chances are he will ask me for help in some way or another. These questions that he asks are always the same, though. My father just really can’t grasp computer technology. Always be careful when handling your design layout and don’t make things overly complicated, even slightly complicated is not advisable.


When Making Keywords, Treat the Address Bar as Non-existent


How many times have you seen someone that has a Google search engine type in or other popular sites and then click the link on the results page instead of typing it directly into the address bar? Yes, search engine reviews have proven that a lot of users actually depend on search engines for nearly all of their queries and rarely use the address bar. This is why it is not only important to optimize your website with relevant keywords but also include your domain address or its variation into your tags.


Simplify Web Design Layout


Make sure that the key content in your website is readily available. Novice users more or less only hunt for the keywords they’re searching and mostly neglecting other words. To make sure that they will stay on your website, you have to prominently display important information. While keeping things simple is essential, too simple may bore the eyes of your visitor so don’t hesitate to include some bells and whistles.


Pop-up Confusions


For novice users, pop-up windows can really ruin their browsing of a website. Keep in mind that a lot of web designers have proof that adding a subscription window pop-up the instant their website loads actually helped their web traffic in the long run. The single biggest flaw about this however is that it is not entirely user friendly for novice users. Most of the time they either close the browser or can’t seem to find the close button on the pop-up or the hit back and get taken out of the page entirely. If you do plan on using pop-up subscription window then make sure to keep things simple and highlight the close button for those novice users who are not interested to subscribe.


Browser Holds the Power


A lot of internet users actually use the default start up page of their browser to start their searches. This can be used to web designers and webmasters advantage by creating a start up page of their own. Having users use this is manner of simple installation that can be done by clicking a link in your page. While not exactly fair in a sense, this can quickly be rectified if the user so choose. Any help is welcome and if your start up page is quality stuff, why not let other users try it out?


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