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Web Designing Conundrum: Should I Use an Onsite Web Editing Program?


So you plan on creating a blog or a website and your host actually offers you a choice to use their own web editing program to customize and design your website. However, you have Adobe Dreamweaver right at your fingertips. So which one can you actually benefit more from when it comes to designing your website? This is a common question by most beginners who plan on launching their own blog or website. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a web host’s web editing program.


Onsite Web Editor

Actually, the onsite web editor has a couple of things going for it when it comes to user friendliness. Web hosts give you the option of using their own web editor to create your website and to beginners this is highly tempting for these reasons:

Numerous design templates to choose from – This is naturally what catches the eyes of customers who want to open their own website. Choosing from multiple readymade templates that are also free are a smart choice for independent or small time websites. While you may find yourself with a couple of other websites that share the same design, most users will not mind and base their judgement on your content.

User friendly walkthrough –This is something that onsite web editors are known for. A very user friendly interface is a fundamental factor for onsite web editing programs because a lot of the users who choose this option basically have little to no wed design knowledge. You can be sure that you will not be lost inside a jargon of technical term as the web host will make things as direct and easy for first time users.

Removing upload factor – Because you are using online tools given by the web host, you do not have to worry about uploading your files and other key elements for your website as it is being taken care of on the fly as you edit your page.

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While looking at the advantages may be enticing to choose an onsite web editor program to design your website, it is recommended that you avoid this option if you can. Now let’s examine the drawbacks of using these programs instead of your own.

You constrain your customization options – This stems from the fact that you use templates as your design. One of the main weaknesses of design templates is that they lack any kind of in depth modifications for the user. This will greatly affect your visibility online as well, and will hinder your websites growth considerably. Templates are also know to not be search engine friendly, know that if you wish to generate modest web traffic for your website, constant adjusting of your website must be put into order. Templates will not offer you this option, unfortunately.

Apparently, content still falls on you – Of course content quality will be based solely on you, even if the onsite editor promises easy creation of website, all the content will have to be thought of by you. You really can’t work around this. This will be your main responsibility whether you use templates or Dreamweaver, your website’s pitch and content will have no sort of easy work around.

Every template you use will be copyrighted – This one will be the biggest factor when deciding to use a web editor by the web host. Once you use their design, you’re basically in an agreement with them. If you plan on jumping to another web host in the future, you will not be able to use your design layout and will have to create a new one. As you can see, choosing onsite web editor can cause a hefty amount of migraine in the future if you choose to leave the web host.


In conclusion, I really recommend that you invest on learning Adobe Dreamweaver if you plan on launching your own website in the future. This way, you can freely create your own website design and have complete control and maintenance throughout your usage.



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