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Web Design Marketing: In with the Old Again


Online businesses in general, not only in web design, are jam packed with competition. For independent contractors, it has become more and more difficult to find clients to offer your services to. Internet has completely changed the face of advertisements and for new web designers who mainly use the internet as their only form of marketing, chances are they would get trampled upon by bigger companies.


This is the main reason for thinking outside the box when it comes to advertisements but the old adage of looking back where you came from can also do wonders for any online businesses. It’s time to brush up on your marketing history books and take a page in the, widely thought of as obsolete forms of advertisements to help jumpstart your online business whether you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer.


For freelancers and entrepreneurs, emailing has become a quick and easy way of spreading your services, but competition that uses this method is innumerable. Take a look at your inbox; do you see a lot of spam? Chances are that a couple of these are legitimate but you wouldn’t want to waste time to know for sure right? This is the common problem with this routine, too many unsavory characters that use this method that you might get lost in the shuffle. A better way to spread advertisements would be to use the old ways the yellow pages. Note that putting your contact into the yellow pages can be pricey but there is more than one way to use the yellow pages to your advantage. Browse through the pages and look for potential contacts that may be interested in your services or you can also contract as a joint business.

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Look for areas in your location that can benefit from your skills in web designing, places where there’s an up kick in commercial companies will do nicely. Contact new businesses and ask them if they’re interested in developing a professional website for their business. Direct selling and consumer focused businesses should be your target as they will know the significance of having internet presence is for their business.


Going directly to your target clients have always been the best method for businesses no matter what the platform. Web designers should also have business cards that they can leave with potential and interested clients. Physical communication also increases the chance of a quick turnaround which is a must for freelancers in the field.


Once you’re talking with your clients it’s imperative to know who the decision makers are in the company. Working your way to them should be your main goal once you’re in active communication and pitching your services to them. The main obstacle really is the receptionist, once you’re able to move past that talking with your target client can go pretty smoothly. Being able to talk to the owner of the business is a huge signal that they are interested in your services and it’s up to you to pitch your web design and programming skills in the best light possible.


In most business ventures, my advice is to be ready for a lot of declinations. If you’re lucky to generate contracts fast then good for you and keep up the good work but anyone that is in the freelancing business knows that it can take a while to be able to start walking and an a little more effort to get ball rolling steadily. Just keep on pushing and marketing your services to potential clients and you’re guaranteed to be able to land one. Once you’ve got it rolling maintaining a good standing with clients will give you a huge boost in future ventures. It’s all a matter of time and skill.


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