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Designing Web Advertisement Tips for your Business

Creating and designing advertisements for your on line business using website as your platform can be as easy or as hard as you make it to be. Note that designing ads that sells well will be much harder if you only include texts and neglecting the use of images as the first part of advertising is getting the attention of potential clients, so think twice before you opt for text only ads. When it comes to selling products, especially through website, people always take any information with a grain of salt. So how can you increase the chances of selling your business through web design? Listen well as I list 10 tips to help you out in this area.


  1. A well balanced length is the key.

Have you counted how long a normal commercial is? A good commercial will the basic “hook, line and sinker” approach to their advertising. This is also true with designing ads in a website. Your layout should be full of useful information but giving it in as few words as possible. Remember that the first words of a marketing campaign are important as this will be the deciding factor whether the user will click on your link. A steadiness of information and advertising in a few short lines are ideal marketing technique that also should be implemented in web advertising design.


  1. Include tasty bait.

Adding a sub-headline alongside your advertisement is a smart way to strengthen your reader’s attention as they read through. You could say that sub-headlines are the added spices that will help users in deciding whether to take a bite. As such, careful choosing of words is vital. Keep it under seven words and construct it to further feed the customer’s curiosity.


  1. Combine advertisement with a questionnaire.

You should include some relevant questions in your web marketing design. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you your product can do for you. Adding little questions on the side that doesn’t come off as just tooting your own horn can make your advert more sincere and truthful. It should be your goal not just to sell (but THAT is your main objective) but to also appear as a friendly helping hand to potential customers that really understands them.


  1. Your keywords use them.

This is an important tactic in advertisement 101 so don’t make the mistake of excluding it in your web advertisement layout. Always remember to highlight important keywords of your product or service. You can change the font color, capitalize, embolden, underline or anything to make sure that these keywords will take the customer’s attention. To tell you the truth, most customers’ after reading your headline for your ad will do a quick flyby of the content; this is why highlighting your keywords is important. If they see that your website has what they are looking for you are one step closer into closing the deal.


  1. Don’t forget about the short attention span customers.

You should always be aware that not everyone who clicks on your website link will read through all of your advertisement information. Like stated in rule#1, making your advertisement should be quick and sweet. For your website however, that will just not do. This is why it is important to design your website with the skimmers in mind. Use pointers and bullet points to emphasize important key elements of your product. If you neglect to take this into account, you will lose the interest of a lot of skimmers and potential customers as well.


  1. Sometimes, size does matter.

When designing advertisements, another important point to consider is how visible your ad is. While you may take into account the images to get the attention of customers, it will not do very good if the text is barely visible. Again, this is where proper balancing of your design is needed. Make sure to increase the size of the font but not overdoing it, you do not want to have an ungainly feel after all.

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  1. Pricing is a fine line to traverse.

There are two sides to everything, pricing a product is no different. While you may be inclined to lower your price as much as possible without affecting your income too much, some people may see this very low price tag as a sign of the level of quality your product has. Instead of buying, they might refrain from it due to the low price. Study how much your product normally sells; the highest to the lowest price range and go for the middle ground.


  1. A seal of trustworthiness.

In your web design, always include a comment section for customer’s to voice their input. If they are satisfied with your service or product then watch as they do one of the most important advertising techniques known in the market: positive testimonials and feedback.


  1. Promos are like beacons for customers.

One of the best ways to double your customers is by having regular promos and discounts included in the information on your website. Doing monthly promos will help ensure return customers to your website and entice new ones to check out your offers.


      10. Simplicity works best in advertisement.

Be sure to leave out overly technical words as your customers will probably have no idea what you’re talking about. Keep things simple and easy to understand for your customers. The last thing you want is for them to scratch their head as to what you’re talking about and promptly close your website window.
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