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The Best Web Designs of 2014


Now that we’re on the final stretch of the 2014, I think it high time to give praises to those who have created the best and most innovative web designs this year. Being in this list is not an easy task to accomplish with millions of other websites that are vying for the title of having the best web designs. So what are our criteria for the voting here? The website should have a beautiful, stylish and professional looking design, it should be clean and organized and the website should be able to function properly and without any bugs. Now I give to you the list of the best web designs of 2014.


Quarter Rest Studios


A website the focuses in music collaboration from different artist, you can almost bet that this will have a pretty good web design layout, and it does not disappoint. Giving a very simple theme and with minimal text to clutter up the screen, the web designer have perfected the use of imagery in creating the ambience for the site. It’s simple, clean and artistic all at the same time.


When Was The Last Time?


One of my personal favorite designs in websites, it has a very experimental feel to its use of images and videos. A very unique website where you can actually see the artistic merit of the designer, “When Was the Last Time?” is a perfect example of creativity being used in web designing.


Riley Cran


An excellent portfolio website by the very talented web designer, Riley Cran, the whole website just oozes with style and substance. Where else can you find a website with almost no texts to read and just relies on imagery and art to give you information.




A great example of mixing together compatible factors into one sharply designed website, a simplistic design can go a long way if you know how to use colors and the right images to accentuate each to their full potential.


Made by Vadim


Another portfolio website by a talented artist, this one page site offers visitors a tour of all of Vadim’s work presented in a classical and professional way. An artist must have an equally artistic website in order to properly show his works and Vadim has achieved that with an A.


Google Ventures


Google truly captured the essence of this website with a creative design that truly gives visitors the experience of visiting the locales in their content. With beautiful panoramic view and clear descriptions added with a creative scrolling mechanism, Google Ventures shows how important it is to have a design that is related to your content.


CSS Piffle


A website that provide helpful tutorials in web designs, CSS Piffle created a very simple navigational system with no clutter or messy links to confuse visitors. The use of computer programming related images is another highlight of the website that adds a much needed flamboyance.


Fit for a Frame


A cleverly designed website for a company that sells prints, the designer used the company’s business theme into heart by designing a layout that instantly gives visitors an idea of what to expect from the site. Direct to the point without using descriptive text. Perceptive and inventive with the presentation is how I would describe this website’s design.


WWF Food Story


A colorful collage of imagery when done right is something that is quite easy on the eyes. WWF’s sub page creates a distinct and friendly feel while using artistic illustrations but still being direct to the point with their message.


These are my top picks of the best web designs for this year. It surely is a visual treat to come across a website that does not just bombard your with a mess of animations and images but concentrating all the factors that makes a web design great and creating something that truly stands on its own as a design.




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