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Are Advertisement Agency Websites a Blemish in Web Designing?

The short answer, yes, the long answer? Well here we go. Advertisement agency websites have always gotten a bad rap since their introduction, and with good reason. Basically, the worst thing you can do when hiring web designers is to choose an advert company to do it for you. These ad companies do not put your website’s design quality in the top of their agenda; I don’t think it was ever in there in the first place. The reason why these companies are universally lambasted is due to their selfish work ethic and low brow design layouts. If ever there was an option for web design that you should absolutely avoid, it’s this.

The main reason why hiring an advertisement agency to design your website is a bad idea is relatively simple, marketing and advertising is a completely different field as creating, managing and designing a website, simple as that. Even with that, most of these ad agencies will completely neglect the fundamentals of marketing and will only look to make a quick buck. Marketing is all about attracting potential customers and maintaining their focus to your website. If you have a specific product then you want to target a specific group of customers. This is where ad agencies falter as they try to hit as many users as possible even if these users have no interests in your services making this effort useless.

Another common pet peeve about these ad websites is that their “marketing” strategy seems to have not evolved since the early 2000. This basically tells you about the quality of work they can offer anyone. Back then, these so called strategies, such as focusing on the logo and nothing else is like putting all of your eggs in one flimsy basket, has low reward with such high risk. Statistics have already concluded that websites that use this marketing strategy loses about 20% of their clients right off the gate.

Agency websites also have a thing for using obsolete ways of creating advertisements. Using real illustrations to incorporate into your website will only work if it fits to the theme of your site design and content or if they have a very talented designer to seamlessly join digital with ink. Unfortunately, chances are that they don’t have that or anything close to that. One other thing that should be noted with these advertising agencies is how unimaginative they are considering that their main field is centered on creativity. If you browse through these types of websites you’ll find that most of them will almost have the same look and feel, using the same colors and whatnot. Not a good sign for a supposed expert web designer.

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Most of the techniques that web advertisement agencies use on their own design are also archaic and bland by today’s standard. The use of the color gray is pretty prevalent in these websites as it is the color of a business minded individual. There’s nothing wrong with using traditional methods but if that’s the only trick in your book then you might want to look into another form of service my friend as creativity is not your strong point.

I am not generalizing that advertisement agencies are an uncreative group of people. I’m pretty sure that they have employees that are just filled to brim with new and unique ideas; the problem is in their management as chances are these people are only there to make money, which is totally understandable. I’m just saying don’t fool or use another’s hard work into their website put to waste with an advertisement agency website’s false advertisement of their services. These websites are not the way to achieve a successful web design of your own. Think about it before falling into their trap.
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