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The Best Free Antivirus Programs for Web Protection

Malwares are the bane of every computer users. They can cause damages ranging from minimal but will build up in the long run to catastrophic. There are different types of malware each with their own harmful effects, from stealing important data in your computer or just plainly turning your PC into a huge paper weight. For people who use their PC for work related activities like web designers, developers and writers, protecting your PC is that much more important. The worst thing that can happen would be to lose all your work or have important documents stolen right under your nose. Today, I will list down the best antivirus programs in the market today in order for you to have the best selection of online protection.


Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials offer a fast and reliable protection for your PC, its light on the system and doesn’t cause any unnecessary slowdowns. It also regularly updates it virus database and will also give you manual control on how much CPU it can use, further decreasing any sort of deceleration in your system. Another point for the MSE is that it’s free to download and install which is always a plus.


Now here are some shortcomings to the MSE, you have to manually do almost everything. Example is, unlike other antivirus programs that automatically scan newly inserted flash drives so be sure to be mandatory in scanning any new devices that are plugged in. You will also need to open the application to view any quarantined files and registering to the Active Protection Service to activate your real time online protection. These are all small obstructions that can easily be ignored but for me, the most glaring limitation of the MSE is that it does not have any web browser integration compatibility except for the Internet Explorer.

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Avast Antivirus Program

Avast is a good well rounded antivirus program for anyone. It has an integrated boot-time scan that is great for detecting any malwares during startup and removing them before they could even activate. The sandboxing auto feature also helps in separating potential threats from your main system so that they won’t do any harmful effects. Some of its exclusive features like remote assistance and web status reporting are also a huge boon for anyone looking for added protection. While it Avast may have a great malware removal tool, its malware blocking feature still leaves much to be desired. Its standing among online review sites is also promising with above average scores and a great choice for web protection.



Avira is one most popular antivirus program in the market today. It offers a slew of helpful features to protect your PC from Malwares. Avira’s main strength is its user-friendly approach in installation and use. A well balanced protection along with performance, this antivirus software will always make the list of the best online protection today.



AVG has steadily risen from the ranks through the years. Previous problems like slowdowns have been dealt with among others making AVG a true beast of antivirus software. Learning through each iteration and version, AVG has built up its reputation of offering numerous forms of protection. Covering real time, web surfing and blocking, the program has seemingly covered every security risk in their program. I recommend this program as I have personally tried and tested their services first hand. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, AVG has become the front runner in computer protection.

Online protection has become an obligatory action today in order to ensure that your online information will stay protected. There are dozens more of online protection software out there but I have listed the cream of the crop. Just remember to be alert when clicking links, sites or downloads and be sure to always scan any new programs before you install them.

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