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Web Design Ideas that Drive Away Visitors


Visualize this; you have a business website with a snappy design and a popular product. You may be able to sell your products like hotcake in your shop but why is your website store not generating as much sales as you would’ve hoped? There are numerous reasons for this but keep in mind that these little factors can block any passageway if you have too much of them. We’ll go down some simple guidelines that can help remove this blockage to your website and finally be able to generate your estimated traffic.


Need to Know Information not Readily Available

I have encountered this problem on some online shops where you really have to work hard to find the price list for items. This is a really annoying feature and I don’t know why I see this method used in more than one website shop. Some of these websites will even have you register first before you can browse through their list, I get that it’s a strategy to generate web traffic but honestly, if made the opposite effect on me. I have even heard of websites that only show price list AFTER you’ve clicked the item. That’s just bad business in my opinion and feels like your trying to dupe the customer into buying something that they’re just slightly interested in.

Online shopping is quite the same as actual shopping. Most shoppers who make a quick browse of merchandise will not waste time on finding out the “hidden” price unless they really want the item, and let’s be honest; a lot of us have a habit of impulse buying if we see the price is low enough even if the item mildly interests us. With online shop design layout, do you really think that internet shoppers will click through a bunch of links or register to your website just to find out a single price tag? No, they will not. This is why keeping important information available instantly for visitors is important in designing a website store.


Do Not Forget Actual Images and Item Details

Web designer are actually split when it comes to putting information about your products as adding too much might lose you some short attention span users who do not want to read every detail to find out the specific information they need and too little may confuse a customer to what your product is. This conundrum was actually solved a long time ago by none other than Use the technique they employ to find out how to balance the information puzzle. In their website, they post an actual picture of the product and a brief summary of the item. If you’re interested you can click the item and be taken into another page with a much more in depth and detailed information sheet. This is how you crack this web design problem efficiently.

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Do Not Control the Customer’s Browsing

I’m sure that all of us have encountered websites that sells product try to control how we navigate their site. The biggest example of this flawed marketing strategy is by not giving us the option to continue through the links and forcing visitor’s to sit through a video or audio recording of product information and advertisement. While this can actually come in handy as a feature, it should not be the only option for an online store. This will greatly hinder the experience of customers who want a direct to the point approach when shopping online. That IS why online shops are popular, quick and easy process for buyers.


Include Important Items at the Main Menu

This one is a key feature for website design, especially for online shops. Always include the navigation bar and use it to its full potential. Popular and important items should be visible right off the bat. This is why a lot of website stores have this feature and if you study the items there, almost always it includes the key elements of their services. Using navigation bars will greatly ease the browsing experience of potential customers.


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