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The Mythology of Web Design

If you’ve been a webmaster for a long time or a web designer then chances are you would have probably heard of the 2 most popular golden tips in web designing; content is everything and good graphics equals good web design. While these 2 have valid points in their claim, albeit polar opposites, following them to the word is not always the best course of action. Use them as a stepping stone and create your own design path yourself is the best you can gain from them. These 2 mythological tips have been around for a decade so it’s quite understandable that their technique has become outdated by today’s standard. So let’s delve inside each tips and find out how much they’re true today and what are the things we can do to use them in order to enhance our own web design.


Leave Everything to Quality Content

Yes, this is the foundation of a great quality website but is putting all eggs in a single basket a smart choice? Unless you are 100% sure of the outcome, it is not smart to lay it all on the line. The same goes to web design and backing everything behind content. Content is the main driving force of the website so it is very important to have top notch quality but that alone cannot ensure web traffic. Negating to include animations and images will leave visitors of your website wanting. This frame of mind actually came from the fact that including excess images and flash animation can greatly reduce your website’s loading page thus affecting the user’s experience. A slow loading page is unacceptable in today’s world but this is due to the fact that our internet providers offer such blazing internet speed that it is entirely the designer’s fault if, by chance, a website suffers from this crippling disadvantage.

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But as stated above, today’s technological advancements have ensured that most browsers will be able to handle a couple of animations and media files with no problem. This gives web designers to stretch their creativity a little further now that would have a decade ago.


A huge example of a website that should never follow this rule is the web designer’s website, for the obvious reason that your own website is basically your resume for potential clients. You basically do not want a website that is too plain. You want to add some fancy designs in there that will capture the attention of clients.


Good Graphics is the Way to Go

Now what we have here is the exact opposite of the rule above. This one has a lot more holes but it still offers a valid point to consider. If you think of web design what comes first into your mind? Naturally, an artistic and creative website will pop into your mind. This aspect is where web designers must show constraint. Even today, not everyone has an amazingly fast internet connection so be sure to put those into account. Wind the clock back by a couple of years and I was only using a really slow internet connection; 14k modem to be exact. This severely limited my web browsing experience as websites that have tons of media on their page is a definite no for me as I will likely be waiting for their page to load the whole day. That’s the problem with basing your web design around graphics, not everyone will appreciate it. Instead of flashy graphics, what I would suggest is using them when necessary. Do not waste your page’s bandwidth on a flash animation that does nothing to promote or give information to your website. Like in most things in life, moderation is the best course to take in web designing.
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