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Web Designer Qualities You Should Look For


As you might have an idea by now, web designing is a complicated and meticulous process that not only requires technical knowledge of computer programming but also having a creative and artistic mind. Creating a website that does not only have an interesting design but also smooth browsing and loading times take a lot of skill to balance out. In order to help you choose and hire the right web designer, here are some qualities you should look for when browsing through your list of potential designers that will you create your very own website.


Review their Previous Works

First off, all web designers either freelancers or from a company should have an online portfolio on their website for you to review. This is important in any services that offer this line of work as it will show you how creative and unique they are in creating a website. A collection of their work will also give you an idea on how skilful they are in encoding and programming websites. If they have a link on the websites they have worked on the better. Visit each one if you can and see how quick the page loads and how easy it is to navigate the website. If you like the feel of their website then go ahead and inquire for further information.


Inquire about their Basic Knowledge

An important question to ask is the web designer’s knowledge in the basics of HTML, CSS and SEO. Inquire about the process they will apply in creating your website and ask its benefits and disadvantages if any. Basics such as HTML verifications, CSS files and image optimizations should be tackled in order to see if they have the basics down.


Always ask about New Features

Compared to a few years back, there have been a lot of innovations in web design and programming, ask about these new features to your web designer and ask what the advantages are if installed. Ask about installation for contact forms, links to your other pages and a flash animation feature. Have your web designer list down extra features you can install and check for their advantages. An updated website will have as much chance of generating quality traffic as an outdated one.

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Maintaining the Website

A key question for future reference is the maintenance selection the web developer can offer. For this, you should definitely ask about the content management system or CMS. CMS will be able to help you fix or update your website on your own, without needing to hire another web designer. Keep in mind that by asking the web designer to install a CMS in your website means extra payment, the good thing about this is that you may pay more for this installation; it can undoubtedly save you more money in the future. CMS makes it possible for ordinary users to edit, update and customize their own website. A lot of website development companies offer CMS type of websites.


Performance Issues

Ask your web designer their evaluation when it comes for page loading speed for your website. 56k modems will be able to load a normal page under 10 seconds or so and faster ones can lad everything within 3 seconds. If your page loads longer than these estimations you probably need to have a talk with your web designer. This is one of the most crucial factors in web designing and if your web designer can’t deliver in this part then I suggest looking for someone else to finish the job. Web factor importance comes down speed first and then the other features.

The best web designer should be able to offer you an answer to all your inquiries and deliver a satisfying website that not only loads lightning fast but is still able to maintain a professional or even flashy look with security measures properly set in place.

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