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Hiring a web designer can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the normal hiring fee for such a service. As much as it surprise you, web designing can come at a price depending on how big and elaborate your website will be but still being able to function properly with an above decent speed. Like in all services, the quality of the work will depend greatly in the budget you are willing to spend. In this article, we will take a much closer look in the web designing fee in order to give you an idea of the budget you must have for a good quality website.


Let’s begin with the average rate it will cost for you to hire a web designer. After reviewing the web designer’s portfolio and being satisfied with their knowledge and hiring them you must note that a professional and a freelancer’s fee vary greatly. Professionals will likely have a higher fee with a $40 – $100 per hour, while freelancers will only cost you $30 – $70 per hour. It will also depend on the style of website you want, a simpler text centered website will be the lowest cost while a website complete with flash animations, music and videos will be the most expensive.


If you find these rates to be a little too steep for your budget then might I suggest these alternatives. You can find a student or a fresh graduate to work on your website, although without much experience in the field yet you should expect a few bumps in the process. Another cheap way of hiring web designers is to outsource a team from a different country. Most likely they can be hired for much less than the ones in your country, thus making outsourcing a viable option for those on a tight budget.

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But, you may ask with all of these cheap alternatives being presented, why do clients try to still opt for the much pricier fees? Well, the most common reason is the quality of the work. Like I said earlier in this article, cheaper services tend to come with a slew of problems, from minor to catastrophic. These problems range from glitch websites, grammatical and spelling errors to slow loading pages. If you hire a student you will probably have to compromise with what they can deliver as of now thus, having a website that is not your original goal. International web designers will come with other problems like the difference in time zone and language barrier. While there are quality web designers you can hire for a low cost, they are very hard to come by especially internationally and the chances of finding a web developer that not only has a cheap contract fee but promises all the current features and security will likely fall into the fraud category is very high.


Whatever services you choose to hire, always be attentive and check for their samples and contact information. If they seem to be severely unprofessional then look somewhere else. Avoid those that ask for shady payment methods and never pay the full price unless the work is done. Research the designer carefully to be sure that they meet all the necessary credentials and experience in order to avoid being duped. It is important to know at least some of the basics in web designing in order to have an eye for web designers that are suitable to the job, remember that your website will define your content and the more user-friendly it is, the better. A professional look can only take you so far if you find yourself with a website that has a myriad of programming problems.

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