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Website Competition: David VS. Goliath


As an independent entrepreneur stepping in for the first time in the proverbial online arena, it is comprehensible to be intimidated by the much more prolific and well known company website that offers the same services as you. You might even find it disheartening to not be able to find your niche between these giants might get satisfied to only get the scraps. Do not fret however, as you actually stand more chance here in the internet business than what you initially first thought of. The best thing about internet business is that it’s fair game for everyone. All the major backings of a big company can be derailed by a single crafty independent businessman with help from web page design and marketing. Here are a couple of ways you will be able to level the playing field a bit in your favour.


Optimization of Keywords

You’ve heard this countless times before in tips for a successful website but it goes doubly true here. Big website companies tend to have a lot of target demographics that they are trying to capture and so their SEO tends to be stretched too wide and too thin to generate their full traffic prospective, sure they can still generate hefty traffic on their site but this is a perfect example of having too much food on your plate. For an independent businessman however, you will possibly have fewer services offered but this actually will be for the better in the long run. All you need is a highly optimized SEO in order to generate traffic that your website can potentially generate. Having only a handful of products or services in your website means you can focus on the keywords that are descriptive which means you can focus on clients and customers much better.

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Having Great Content

Another factor that greatly helps fledgling websites is their content. Interesting, unique and helpful web page content can greatly affect the traffic of your website. Having to update and create worthwhile articles in your website daily if possible will slowly build up your following and traffic and can even have other websites link yours in their pages. Be sure to include as much topics in your article or blogs about your services and products to be able to generate positive traffic. Keep everything fresh and add a twist of entertainment in your every post to maintain a sense of freshness. In time, other websites will link you in their websites which will greatly increase your online visibility.


Web Design

This is one aspect that big time company websites will always have leveraged on due to having a bigger budget. You can expect their website to be superbly designed and there is not much you can do about that except create your own web design with your own twist. Hire a professional if you feel doubtful you can create something that looks on par with big websites but always be sure to send It for review to make sure it offers the feeling of a professionally designed website.


 Website Performance

Probably your best bet of taking on your bigger website counterpart, the encoding of your website will be the deciding factor in this round. This is the main reason you should think about hiring a professional to create your website as designing is one thing but encoding is something entirely different. From programming your SEO to verifying the source code and even creating a quick loading web page, all of these will be the backbone of your website design. A pretty looking and professional feel will mean nothing if your website experiences errors on a daily basis. A slow loading website is also a bane for users everywhere.

Well funded and big website companies will always have a head start when it comes to traffic generation but with a lot of effort and patience, your independent website will be able to have comparable results in time.

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