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I have stated in previous articles why website design templates could have adverse effect on your web rankings. While this is still true due to various reasons such as lack of customization, I’m here to talk about the work around through these obvious problems. Again, the main selling point of design templates is their afford-ability. Web masters who want to save money from hiring a professional will obviously choose web design templates over the much expensive option of hiring web designers. This is also the reason why professional web designers are also jumping into template selling, seeing it’s potential. So now let’s talk about the positives of buying a template instead.


Fast and Cheap

The most obvious reason is naturally the cost of buying a design template. Compared to hiring a professional to design your website, templates are infinitely cheaper. There is also the fact that templates are ready made and can be instantly implemented into your website the moment you buy them. There is also the undeniable fact of the rise of template demand even by big time companies; this pushes the creation and design of these websites to be top notch to attract potential big time payers. A lot of template designers now give clients a choice to customize their work to obtain their target website design. A lot of smart entrepreneurs have chosen to opt for template design as it is cost and time efficient.


A Slowly Growing Business

Web design template sellers are increasing every month, while professional web designers are still available, they are currently tapping into this new form of business and trying out the waters. Back then, the quality offered in many design templates was low and sometimes, the last resort chosen by webmasters. However, in the past few years, web design templates have experienced a sudden burst of life. This pushed designers to increase the quality of their templates in order to compete. This resulted in all kinds of good news for webmasters as they now have option to acquire low cost designs for their website. Choosing from a list of template can land you with a professional looking design with above average customization options which is, right now, the best deal to have in a template design. One important tidbit to keep in mind when choosing templates is that not all is made to be easily customized. Be aware of that fact to avoid an unsatisfactory experience with a template.

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Offering more Freedom to Experiment

Templates have also opened their doors to personalization by the buyer. Even if you do not have experience in web designing, there is a lot of HTML editing programs that can help you on your merry way into creating your perfect web design. Gone are the days of having templates as merely a simple crust to your content with no way to shift the landscape. Some template designers have also incorporated the use of flash into their design giving you the option of adding in animations.

Should I use Web Design Templates?

This one basically boils down to you, while the benefits of having a fully customized and unique website still works best, the point is the not everyone can afford the price set by professional web designers. Fortunately, web templates have also upped their offered quality and, while it still cannot compete with a customized work in terms of functionality, it has become the next best thing in web design options. After everything is all said and done, it will still fall on the webmaster to mix great and imaginative content into the template design. Think about it this way, the template acts as a jar and it will up to you to fill it up with something great.


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