Cloud Services: Does it Offer Cloud 9 to Businesses?

By July 15, 2014Web Design

Cloud for businesses

The fast growing implementation of cloud services in online businesses are increasing at a steady rate. More and more are using this service as it is fast, compact and removes most of the hassles of physical storage devices like maintenance. But is this a reliable option? The citizens of the internet or “netizens” are still rather split on using cloud storage services because of all the positives it has to offer there are still the possibilities of major errors.


First let’s talk of what a cloud computing really is, cloud computing is defined by a single software application that will manage most of the important functions that are normally done by the computer through installed hardware or software. This will ease the workload on your PC and will transfer most of the effort in designated servers in the internet. This is quite helpful for the obvious reason that it decreases the strain set on your computer’s hardware. Microsoft is a fundamental pusher of this technology, claiming it to be the future of the industry and with good reason.


In today’s fast growing computer industry, business owners are looking for faster and more efficient ways to conduct business and cloud computing services can offer this unlike any other. More and more cloud computing services are appearing to offer people and business owners a fine alternative to their storage needs.


What’s so great about cloud storage is that users can basically access their files anywhere and at anytime they desire. They would only need an internet connection which is rarely a problem with built in packet data and Wi-Fi hot zones that are so widespread in almost every location. It can also, in the future, make hardware storages obsolete by giving users infinite, if they can afford it, space for memory storages. Never will you need to install or save a file in your hardware which will help speed up your computer processor. With larger companies, they can eliminate the need to purchase some installations for their hard drive, cloud computing will analyze the appropriate application to use and the company would only need to pay a small storage fee in order use them again. IT support will be less needed as online storage systems have fewer instances of malfunction and in the event that it did have one, the service company will be the one to handle the solution.


Scientists will also benefit from using cloud computing services. Normally, complex computations are handled by one computer that may take an extensive duration in order to complete. By using the web based cloud computing application, the service can use all of its available servers in order to complete the work in record time with its massive amount of processor. Now with all that potential for advancement, what are the pitfalls when using this still fairly young and yet untested technology?

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The biggest and most glaring flaw and alarm for using cloud computing for storage are the two most important factors when traversing the internet, privacy and safety in personal information. As vast as the security protocols that services implement, the chance of being hacked is still a huge risk, thus prompting concerned users to not fully implement the capabilities offered by cloud computing system. Big time companies will undoubtedly think twice of using cloud storage for their company’s most important file if they can’t guarantee its safe keeping. Leaving important files and documents basically out in the open is a risk everyone cannot take. The only guarantee for clients is that services cannot afford to make any mistakes as one grave error can ruin their business entirely.


In conclusion, I believe that cloud computing has the capacity to be the future of the computer industry if it can remove the security doubts that online storage has. I would suggest letting this technology evolve more and see how things will be in a couple of years time. Cloud computing storage has a huge potential to be a game changer, the only question is if it will be able to grow full circle.