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The CSS Easiest Mistakes to Make

CSS or “Cascading Style Sheets” is a simple sheet language used in customizing and designing the document and fonts of a web page.

Cyber Psychology One On One

Ever feel like sometimes you just have to post a comment after reading an article or a blog online? Well, like magicians, veteran bloggers and writers have perfected …

10 Advertising Tips for Your Website

The great thing about internet marketing is that almost all of the options laid out to you are free. Sure there are some that require payment but …

Cloud Services

The fast growing implementation of cloud services in online businesses are increasing at a steady rate. More and more are using this service as it is fast …

Hosting Security Threats

Choosing a dedicated host server rather than shared hosting plan has a lot of perks. You have complete control on the server and will …

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To give you an idea of how an ideal website should look in order to help you lay the ground work for the design is simply creating an easy browsing experience for the visitor. Straight to the point titles and short precise descriptions are best with small banners that give users an idea of your companies’ objectives and goals. Categorize each portion of your website into a different page; an organized website will be much pleasing and relaxing for the users.

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Captivating Designs

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Power Developing Strategies

Your key weapon in enticing users to visit your web page is their curiosity of the content. The 3 key ingredients are page layout, content and designs. A perfect website should utilize every single proponent into a single driving force.

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Website Design by Cubed Cherry

The Complete Package in Web Designing

While still a student and learning the basics of web design, you are given the basic tools to use but these are just basically tools. Every encoding knowledge you acquire will not mean anything if you do not know how to correctly wield them. This is why actual experience in the real world in needed in order to be a successful web designer and create quality websites.

Website projects created by students are more or less centered on making things as pretty as possible while adding all the nifty features. Sure this may be a marvel to look at but use this same method when designing actual websites and you will have yourself an unusable and slow loading page. Visuals aren’t everything and with web design students, the realization may come at the most inopportune time imaginable.

One of the most glaring mistakes that fresh graduates make in web design is by focusing completely on the outer shell of the website which is the design. Sure it is very important to have an eye catching design to entice users into viewing your website but not balancing the functionality can cause irreparable damage to a website. Creating a unique design that also compliments usability should be your goal and not prettying the website up.

If you believe that a plain looking site will not yield the web traffic you desire, just look at Google and see how far usability and functionality can get you with a minimalist design. That said, not everyone can be a Google success story, that’s just an example that a minimalist approach to design can still result in success.

Secondly, when designing the functions, navigation, etc. of your website it is very vital to determine what the web master is all about. Different content will have different approach, you don’t see websites that cater to articles have the same elements as that of a website trying to sell you something, right? Knowing what the key ingredient of the website is and building your design around that is the correct way to go for web designers.

Thirdly, the content should always be easy to identify. Information should be complete and precise and browsing through them must be as quick and simple as possible. The navigation panel should always be visible to the user, don’t create a design that will make navigation in your site feel like a treasure hunt. A direct method while enveloping it with a design that creates a continuous experience for the visitor is the perfect form of website navigation. While there are hundreds companies in Gauteng that offer this kind of navigation through their websites there are only a few website design Johannesburg companies that really pay attention to every detail.

If you have an enormous site to manage with thousands of content to contend with then having a site map will greatly ease the visitors stay. This is a great and efficient way to organize your site for the visitor and giving them access to different other sites that can help you in your rankings with back links.

Fourth and final is the lifeblood of your site which is search engine visibility. For starter, don’t create a website based entirely on JavaScript as it is well known to greatly ignored by search engines. Base your website on HTML and CSS style program and use texts instead of images for links. There are literally thousands of articles that can help you optimize your website’s visibility, and I have tackled these guidelines in previous articles. Creating and designing a website that is search engine friendly will require a whole new topic to delve into completely though so it’s better to check articles that focuses on this topic. This topic is basically to offer beginners in the web designing field the key factors they should remember when creating an actual website for the first time. Keep these simple instructions in mind and you’ll lessen the turbulence you’ll encounter in your field. Good luck!

Cloud Services: Does it Offer Cloud 9 to Businesses?

The fast growing implementation of cloud services in online businesses are increasing at a steady rate. More and more are using this service as it is fast, compact and removes most of the hassles of physical storage devices like maintenance. But is this a reliable option? The citizens of the internet or “netizens” are still rather split on using cloud storage services because of all the positives it has to offer there are still the possibilities of major errors.

First let’s talk of what a cloud computing really is, cloud computing is defined by a single software application that will manage most of the important functions that are normally done by the computer through installed hardware or software. This will ease the workload on your PC and will transfer most of the effort in designated servers in the internet. This is quite helpful for the obvious reason that it decreases the strain set on your computer’s hardware. Microsoft is a fundamental pusher of this technology, claiming it to be the future of the industry and with good reason.

In today’s fast growing computer industry, business owners are looking for faster and more efficient ways to conduct business and cloud computing services can offer this unlike any other. More and more cloud computing services are appearing to offer people and business owners a fine alternative to their storage needs. Already many companies use Cloud to do their website design, store and host their website and making it more available to the global audience.

What’s so great about cloud storage is that users can basically access their files anywhere and at anytime they desire. They would only need an internet connection which is rarely a problem with built in packet data and Wi-Fi hot zones that are so widespread in almost every location. It can also, in the future, make hardware storages obsolete by giving users infinite, if they can afford it, space for memory storages. Never will you need to install or save a file in your hardware which will help speed up your computer processor. With larger companies, they can eliminate the need to purchase some installations for their hard drive, cloud computing will analyze the appropriate application to use and the company would only need to pay a small storage fee in order use them again. IT support will be less needed as online storage systems have fewer instances of malfunction and in the event that it did have one, the service company will be the one to handle the solution.

Scientists will also benefit from using cloud computing services. Normally, complex computations are handled by one computer that may take an extensive duration in order to complete. By using the web based cloud computing application, the service can use all of its available servers in order to complete the work in record time with its massive amount of processor. Now with all that potential for advancement, what are the pitfalls when using this still fairly young and yet untested technology?

The biggest and most glaring flaw and alarm for using cloud computing for storage are the two most important factors when traversing the internet, privacy and safety in personal information. As vast as the security protocols that services implement, the chance of being hacked is still a huge risk, thus prompting concerned users to not fully implement the capabilities offered by cloud computing system. Big time companies will undoubtedly think twice of using cloud storage for their company’s most important file if they can’t guarantee its safe keeping. Leaving important files and documents basically out in the open is a risk everyone cannot take. The only guarantee for clients is that services cannot afford to make any mistakes as one grave error can ruin their business entirely.

In conclusion, I believe that cloud computing has the capacity to be the future of the computer industry if it can remove the security doubts that online storage has. I would suggest letting this technology evolve more and see how things will be in a couple of years time. Cloud computing storage has a huge potential to be a game changer, the only question is if it will be able to grow full circle.


Collage of Colors for Your Web Design – Cubed Cherry

The color scheme of the website is equally central to the design chosen. Different colors stir up different emotions, and in marketing psychology, colors are one of the most effective way to influence the subconscious mind. Using this knowledge on designing a website can really give small businesses a helping hand and also act as a signature for their website, product or brand. Scientist has already proven the effectiveness of colors to have various effects on the human mind and a lot of marketing firms know and incorporate this on their products. Web designers will do well to follow these methods as well. Here are a breakdown of colors and their corresponding evoking emotions. Knowing which will cause negative emotion is important to avoid any slip ups.


Neutral colors are a great way to play it safe with web design or if you want to test the waters first. Here are the colors that mostly evoke neutralism in people; these are perfect as background colors and to support the design.


White color – represents cleanliness and purity but in eastern culture it symbolizes death. Keep this key difference in mind.

Black color – a reversal from the color white, black, in western culture is the symbol of death. It can also represent a stoic, serious tone and professionalism.

Gray color – also displaying a sense of professionalism, the color gray is the color choice of entrepreneurs.

Brown color – this color exudes a sense of tradition and an environment friendly color.


The next batch of colors will define is what we call “warm” colors. These are the ones that capture the attention of customers and charm them with a positive emotion.


Red colors – the most commonly used color in advertisement, red seems to demand attention from customers. This is why advertisements use the color red mainly in pointing out important key words in their ads. Red induces a sense of excitement to the subconscious mind.

Orange color – one of the symbols of the harvesting season, orange is commonly used by food advertisers because of the colors effect on the human craving for food.

Yellow color – while the color yellow have both negative and positive meaning, it is still majorly used as a positive in marketing due to its bright and somewhat cheerful theme.

Pink color – a female color, pink can give off a sense of innocence and romance to the viewer.


Next up we have the “cool” colors. These set of colors have a soothing effect in people and is a great way to give your web design a laid back feel.


Blue colors – a lot of firms and hospitals use this color as it conveys trustworthiness and calmness. A great relaxing color for web page design to use, blue also has an interesting effect of impeding hunger on people.

Purple color – this color is commonly regarded as a color of royalty and love, depending on the shade. This is also one of the perfect colors for web design if used correctly as it shows off a sense of creative flair.

Johannesburg web Design for small business

Green color – we’ve all heard that green is for envy and greed but look at it on more positive light and it symbolizes money and success.


Note that for different types of monitor, color projection may vary from each. However, there are is list of 216 safe colors that you can choose from that will have consistent colorization throughout. If you are distinct with the color of your design then pick from this list.


When designing a website, color is vital factor in the overall result. You should also be careful in choosing the colors of both the layout and the fonts, last thing you need is to have the colors clashing with each other making the text unreadable.

Hosting – Cubed Cherry

A Steady Step Forward Using a VPS Web Hosting


Expanding your website is something that all webmasters would want for their websites. This however is not as simple as adding new pages and content however. You must first consult with your web host provider if they will be able to support your planned upgrade. If you do not come prepared for this process you will find yourself in a heap of problems due to overloading with traffic and slow loading due to increased visitors that your website cannot support. This will cause you a lot in terms of visitors and might even deter any future visits from new internet users. So having a very trustworthy and flexible web host plan is a must for any website owners.


This is where VPS or Virtual Private Server can help you in your planned expansion in the future. With barely a difference to a shared web hosting plan’s monthly fee, you can be secure in the knowledge that VPS hosting can accommodate the increase in traffic that your website can generate without fearing that it will cause any unnecessary slowdowns for your users.

website Hosting reliable host

Read on with this article for you to know why for beginner webmaster, the VPS plan is one of the safest and most secure of the entire web host planning today. VPS can protect your future website investment and make any changes or shifts to upgrade your website easier.


What is the most reliable web hosting plan presently?


One of the main mistakes that website owners make is that they plan mostly for the present in terms of web hosting. This is not the right frame of mind, especially for entrepreneurs, ESPECIALLY for internet entrepreneurs. Know that the online business can change at a moment’s notice, planning ahead is a must if you want to have a successful business venture using your website as a platform for your products. Your present needs may only require you to have minimal system resources but what if by next month your website is generating so much traffic that your server cannot handle it? That’s one of the possible dilemmas you could face when not implementing a careful strategy.


This is how VPS hosting can help out in such a great way. Although you always have to estimate what your website is capable of doing and starting from that, never leave yourself without any options for future expansion. VPS is still a sensible choice for starting websites as you are offered a rational fee and giving you the option of upgraded system resources when you see fit.


Security will not be a factor as VPS hosting have up to date defenses for your website and the visitors. With a quick response and safe web browsing, VPS is the host provider of choice in my opinion.


VPS web host can support any website.


A spike in web traffic can be both a blessing and a curse depending in your readiness for the occurrence. Every visitor that logs in to your website will eat a chunk of your system processor and can turn your website into an unbearable crawl if you do not have extra resources at your expense.


The VPS web hosting plan remedies this by giving you reserved resources in the server that is for yours to use only. This gives you the same benefit as that of a dedicated web host service but with a much better payment plan.


VPS is a much secure and user-friendly planning.


When it comes to choosing a web host plan, it is important to not only think about the present but your website’s potential growth in the future. The VPS while a few dollars more expensive than shared web hosting, can offer you all you need with security and resources, not to mention complete control over your website. If you are planning on launching your website, take careful consideration about using a VPS web host plan as you will definitely get your money’s worth and more.



How does HTML5 Affect SEO?


As the HTML5 is still under development, web designers, programmers and SEO specialist are keeping a close eye on the process of this new version of markup language. Most are a little on edge, and rightly so, HTML5 could potentially change the field of web design and programming to the core prompting every designer and programmers to learn it from the ground up. Once the HTML 5 gets released we’ll know for sure the extent of change it will create in the realm of the internet.


First off, let’s talk about what HTML5 is and its basics. For those who are anxious if HTML5 will completely transform the basics of web building from scratch, don’t fret as HTML5 has backward compatibility making all of your acquired knowledge from HTML4 still relevant and useable. For one it still uses XML as a language, it just added some new features and elements. It might look wholly different when you see the codes but it still basically HTML4 with new trinkets here and there so don’t feel overwhelmed.


So, how will HTML5 affect SEO? SEO specialists are clamoring for information regarding the HTML5 as it will very much change their methods. The HTML5’s specifications will have significant changes but most of these are overhauls of pervious features and will not require SEO specialist to totally change their techniques or learn new methods to incorporate HTML5 with SEO. Here are the added and new features of HTML5 that directly affects SEO:


Improved Page Division – As search engines continually to change their program without notice, the chances of search engines incorporating page segmentation into their procedure is appearing more and more likely. What is page segmentation? This is the process of the search engine separating each part of the website and inspecting each part from title, content and link. No stone will left unturned with page division. This has potential problems with webmasters as they do not have any control on how this process will be conducted as each websites have different structures, the HTML5 will hopefully remedy this in the future with a much better and clearer page segmenting system.


Improved “article” Tag – This is one change that SEO specialist should be excited about. This will permit webmasters to separate entries much cleaner in their website or blog. With the “article” tag, the HTML code will appear much more organized with less need to use the “div” tags.


Overhauled “section” Tag – This tag is mainly used to split different sections in a website. This will also help the website appear much more organized and can be used to the webmasters advantage with how search engines use page division to scan through the website as webmasters will have complete control on the division of their website’s content.


Brand New “header” Tag – One of the best changes for SEO specialist is the new “header” tag due to its customization and ease of use. It also can not just contain the header but the complete group from H1 to H3. This is a great tool to help SEO specialist optimize the website even more.

Revamped “footer” Tag – While not as important for SEO optimization as the “header” tag, the “footer” tag can nonetheless help in SEO optimization. Not only can this tag be use multiple times within a single page, you can use this to divide relevant sections.


Upgraded “navigation” Tag – Creating a much user friendly and cleaner navigation for the website is crucial, especially to SEO experts and HTML5 can deliver this in spades. With the new navigation tag implemented, it makes it a lot easier to classify all the segments that is composed in the website.

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