Graphic Design


Let’s imagine you have an important message that you want to send to the public. How do you go about it? You can use verbal communication whereby you either broadcast through the radio or talk to people one by one. However, if you use a business logo, poster, flier, computer printout, or even a magazine advertisement, you are using graphic design, which is a visual communication method.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an old art that is characterized by the use of photography, paint, drawings, or computer developed images. Graphic designers also use their skills to develop letterforms that you find in movies, menus, magazines, notebooks, and so on. They expertly arrange all the features to convey a message. Graphic design is featured in every facet of our daily lives because it can be seen in T-shirts, billboards, gum wrappers, food cans, and all other thing that is meant to inform, stimulate, persuade, or attract attention.

Graphic design is a wide field that combines technology and art to communicate. Depending on the intended audience, the graphic designer may use various tools to convey a message, with the main ones being typography and images.

Types of Graphic Design

Website Graphic Design

Website design uses specialized software such as Flash and Dreamweaver to create messages for electronic media and websites. In most cases, this method involves the importation of visual elements from programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. For website design, animated elements may be used. Some of the best jobs prospects in America and many other countries are for people with website design skills.

Animation Graphic Design

Before the onset of website design, animation used to be the most popular graphic designer’s job. Many people were drawn to graphic design because of the desire to become 3D designers. For you to succeed in this area, you need to have enough technical and creativity skills. In addition, animation works with programs such as Adobe Flash, Maya, and After Effects.

Publication Graphic Design

Publications include magazines, books, and newspapers. Graphic designers do the format and look on publications. Most publications have full-time graphic designers who they task with the creation of perfect designs that send the message effectively.

Most graphic designers start their careers here, where skills in basic graphic design are used on a daily basis. The specific work for a publication graphic designer is to organize various elements to make them appealing to the reader.

Some of the people you find in publication companies, for example directors, production artists, and editorial staff, are mainly graphic designers.

Corporate Graphic Design

As the name suggests, corporate graphic design deals with identity programs and corporate communication methods, such as branding, websites, logos, and forms, among others. Corporate graphic designers can work in several areas for example hospitals and museums. Their main job is to develop strategies that develop the graphic identity of an organization for the long term.

Environmental Graphic Design

This type of design is found in the natural environment or built world. Graphic designers work closely with real estate developers, architects, business owners and the government to develop systems for places such as railway stations, parks, schools, and airports. This has lead to a new crop of graphic designers who have knowledge of construction and building design.  


Most graphic designers have a passion for photography. Photography is a core part of a designer’s degree curriculum, and covers areas such as light management and color theory. Interestingly, not many designers commit all their time to it. Overall, a graphic designer can get into photography full time and make a living as a freelancer or employee.

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