Kick-starting Your Own Website

By July 21, 2014Web Design

Get ready to succeed with your website

The internet is the defining production of our generation, it has made communication as simple as clicking a button, advertisement in the internet has levelled the playing field so that starting businesses can get a shot at acquiring clients and it has become an integrated part of everyday life. For business owners, having your own website is a very helpful, if not mandatory business plan. Potential clients will be able to find and research info on your services; websites are easily one of the fastest ways to advertise. So if you plan on registering your very own, the process is not as simple as compared to other advertising options. I will cover all the basic questions beginners ask when registering their website and domain name below so jot down each to help you breeze through the process.


Deciding the Domain Name

You basically have free reign to choose whatever name you want your website to have, but keep in mind that it should be easy to remember, eye catching and self explanatory as to what to expect when they click it. You can use a maximum of up to 60+ characters for the name but that doesn’t mean you can make it as long as you want, try to keep the entire website name under five words so that people will have no problem remembering the site, refrain from using intricate words and use simpler easy to spell ones. Think twice about using symbols like hyphens as it can be rather troublesome to explain when talking to a customer. Use your business’ name or a descriptive word that explains your business services.

Once you’ve settled on a domain name, you will then be prompted to see if it’s available. If you get an error message then one of a couple things could be the reason; it’s either already taken or it has been bought for use in the future. Don’t fret if your domain is already taken, site registrars will often give you alternate options to consider. Again, having a list of potential domain name on hand doesn’t hurt either.

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Registrations of your Domain Name

In this process, I suggest scouring the internet for web hosting sites with the best deals. Registration can go as low as $8.00 to almost $40.00 so research is your ally here. Check for hosts that offer the lowest price with the most services guaranteed by registering in their server. If by chance the name you chose is not available yet does not appear on the search engine you can use the InterNIC Whols software to track the owner and ask him/her if you can buy the domain name. Note that prices for already registered names may not come cheap. This is not uncommon as there’s profit and collecting and buying domain names in order to sell them in the future, some even buy hundreds of domain names and intends to sell them with a very inflated price. The best scenario if your chosen domain name is unavailable will be if the current owner has stopped using that name due to lack of interest or changed to something else, with this name owners you can actually buy the domain name for very little fee.

Another option for these problems is to check if the owner hasn’t renewed their registration for quite some time. In these instances, some website services can help you register that name to yours right away for no extra cost. Examples of website software that offers this type of services are NameWinner and SnapNames.

If you are going to buy an expired domain name from a previous owner always examine the reasons it is not operating anymore. That the last thing you need is to have a domain name with a rather shady history. Most of the time the reasons are pretty basic like the owners have lost interest in the page or they are not conducting the duties that the page offers anymore, but check thoroughly anyways just to be safe.

Registering and opening your very own website is only a doorway to achieve success in whatever endeavour you are pursuing, keep advertising and updating your website, upgrade it in the future if necessary and your online traffic generation will keep on growing.