Simple Tips to Expand Your Website without Using SEO

By July 23, 2014Web Design

Fine tune your website

While SEO is a great way to generate traffic into your website, there are actually more methods for you to employ that have no relation to using SEO. These are simple yet effective means in their own right that can help you expand your web page to even further users. In order to increase traffic into your website you’ll need just to follow these 3 simple steps, and I can guarantee that you will increase the chance of a spike in your online traffic. Check out portfolio.


Step 1: The Perfect Bait

If your website appears on the first page along with a couple of other similar sites, one of the key elements for the user to click on your site and ignore the rest is to have interesting and eye catching titles and headers. The short description below your website’s name is crucial as it will be the proverbial hook, line and sinker for you website. Make it interesting and direct so that you’ll catch the eye of users scanning down the page. A perfect and witty title can instantly grab attention so work on that, plus a little research on marketing never hurts. Study the key points of interest in your website and accentuate that but try to make it as compact as possible. Once users have taken the bait, you can bet they’ll choose your website while browsing down the list.


Step 2: Topics and Subjects

Most article writers and bloggers tend to gravitate to current events or what people are talking about right now to garner more hits. While this is a smart thing to do you have to understand that you are now in the heap of literally thousands to millions of other sites that are focusing on the same thing as you. You should never put all your eggs on one basket, nothing wrong with tackling current affairs but you should also key in on the more specific topics. Focus on a less talked about subject and pass it through the microscope, create topics about it and, I cannot strain this much more, be specific with your keywords. Being precise with your topic will help narrow you down on search engines and will increase your shot of being visible at the first page, maybe even the top of the list.

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Step 3: Think Big

When it comes to websites the bigger your webpage the better it is. Polls have shown that larger websites tend to generate more traffic as they expand even more. This is a perfect example of escalation when you start with a simple website and then upgrade it to bigger and better design and content, so will your visitor hits. I am not saying that you immediately enhance your website; you have to have the right content in order to advance. This may mean that you have to steadily and gradually work on each aspect of the site in order to find what else is missing and develop on that.

Managing a website could be as fun or as stressful as you want to be, and making sure your website gets enough hits is the main hurdle for every website owner. This is basically marketing 101 with a little twist here and there. Keep your eye on the ball and you’ll be able to run your website smoothly and efficiently, but get distracted and it can cause a domino effect of problems. Just remember that there are more ways to generate traffic than optimizing SEO. I’m not saying you should skip fixing your SEO but add that with these list and you can really achieve your goal for your web page.