The Top 7 Must Have for a Successful Website

By August 15, 2014Website Design

Successful website design. How to guide!

When planning on creating a website whether for personal use or for business, you will need these 7 important factors in order to have a successful website. If you find that your current website is lacking in traffic then check to see if you have missed a crucial part in this list. Every part of this list is important but ineffective by alone. You have to incorporate every facet in order to truly have a website that will help you succeed in whatever endeavour you choose. These are the things that I believe make for a great website.


1. Content – Of course content is the utmost important factor in attracting visitors to your website and having great, unique and worthwhile content will be your most important weapon. Great content should be informative and straight to the point with a little bit of amusement thrown in. It should be unique enough o have visitors coming back and even giving your website address to others with similar needs.


2. Navigation – Navigating a website should never be like traversing a maze. If your visitors get confused then you might want to think about changing your layout. A website that is a hassle to browse through can bet that any visitors will only be a onetime affair. You should be able to completely convey to the visitor each and every part of your site and where they can find that which they are looking for. Easily readable fonts and a leisure ambiance to your web page is a welcome design.


3. Domain Name – Having a convoluted or hard to spell domain name is one way of being forgettable to users. Refrain from using overly complicated words and choose something simpler and stylish when picking your domain name. It should be something that directly references your content and is witty enough to be remembered easily. Do this and you will have more chances of becoming the top website in your category.


4. Cross Compatibility – If you use Firefox do not forget about making sure your website can be displayed perfectly on other browsers. Depending on your encoding, your website might not work smoothly on a different browser and can greatly limit your visitors. Always see if you are using a cross compatible design on your web page in order to maximize your potential visitors.


5. Top notch quality Media – Having images that are blurry is a flag that just screams amateurish. Be careful when uploading any type of images in your website and make sure that you are optimizing their quality to the max. Visitors being greeted with some sharp and high definition artistic images will subconsciously be thinking of professionalism in presentation.

maximize potential Visitors

6. Page Loading – A slow website will definitely be seeing less visitors that faster ones. Today, users expect lightning fast browsing and slow loading is now considered a thing of the past. No matter how flash your website is, nobody will care if it loads longer than 15 seconds, and I’m pushing the envelope their already. If you have slow loading problems I suggest you remedy it right away, why would anyone wait any longer if there are dozens of other websites out there that offer nearly the same content and can be accessed almost immediately?


7. Contact Information – An important part of any website catering to services that is worth their salt, having a contact form in your website is a very simple and easy way to get feedbacks from visitors. It also suggests to the visitors that you are interested in what they think not to mention giving them immediate way to contact you for more information on your business and the like. Always have some way for visitors to contact you directly right in your website. It will be much effortless for them to not copy any address or open another window to message you.