Cyber Psychology 101: Goad Users to Comment on Your Website

By July 15, 2014Web Design

Make users interact with your website

Ever feel like sometimes you just have to post a comment after reading an article or a blog on line? Well, like magicians, veteran bloggers and writers have perfected over time ways into pushing you to post a reply or comment on their webpage by simple word alteration and usage. After reading, you will subconsciously be pushed to comment and you are non wiser for it. After a decade of crafty subliminal button pushing, it’s time to unveil these secrets in order for you to be able to use this to your advantage as well. These are the skills perfected by word meisters in order to generate traffic into their blogs or websites just by using the power of words.


1. Teasing and Shocking Titles

This is the least subtle technique here but it still basically works like a charm up to this day. We’ve all seen that one headline that is just literally screaming to be noticed. All in capitalized letter and ending with one too many exclamation marks. Just by reading their bogus topic and headline will already have you brain scrambling for a reply to their post. Yes, chances are they deliberately used these specific words to target would be netizens that are just passing by and draw them into their website. Once you’ve clicked their post, they’ve already won half the battle.


2. Flattering

One of the easiest and common methods to fall on someone’s good side is to make them feel special. Sure brown nosing is frowned upon but the in fast paced internet world, every available way to accumulate more hits is fair game. One way bloggers and website owners tend to do this by installing a feature that will incorporate top comment page that shows the most active posters. Another way, one that requires a lot more effort is replying to every single comment posted by users. This can take a lot of time depending of your website’s popularity but it’s the most honest way to actually let users feel they are part of the blog or site.


3. Status Display

Simple yet very effective ways to entice users and advertisers alike, if you have a lot of subscribers do not be afraid to flaunt the numbers. Websites and blogs that sport a status that shows their traffic generation will not only have advertisers flock your page but also curious users that want to check what all the fuss is about. Users also tend to subscribe to a blog or website with a very dynamic internet community. It’s all about the mob mentality of people, seeing a place where a lot of people congregate will entice more to join in and be part of the community.

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4. Refrain Updating the Date

A lot of users tend to drift towards blogs or articles that are new and current as opposed to the ones that are older whatever the topic is. If they find an interesting topic but sees that it was dated a year ago, there’s a huge chance that they’ll back out right away and look for something more new. So hide your publish dates and see hits from some of your articles from a few years back still active and kicking.


5. Questions?

A good technique used by bloggers and article writers is by leaving the topic open for discussion. Don’t be definitive in your opinion but try to leave the topic open for debate and further discussion. Execute this perfectly and watch your comment skyrocket and your on line traffic spike.

Basically, a lot of this techniques use little to no trickery which shows you how crafty and talented some bloggers and writers really are. In the end, it’s all about how you present your topics to the masses and how much you have piqued their curiosity enough for them to engage in your blog or website.