Easy Tweaks for Your Website

By July 15, 2014Web Design

Small changes can bring a lot of benefits

Do you kind of feel that your website is bland or has become stale? The web design just not doing it for you? Well there are a few simple ways you can revise your website or blog design. These require little effort to achieve and don’t even need you to have vast experience in web design, just the basics and a little artistic imagination will do and you can create a much fresher website. These easy to do tips will not require you to completely change every aspect of your website, which could have a hefty price tag and will not guarantee immediate success so why gamble with complete renovation when there’s a way where your only investment will be a little bit of time?

The most basic method of shifting your webpage design is by incorporating images, if by chance you’ve already posted images in your website you should think about swapping newer ones to your current pictures. The website named iCLIPART.com offers thousands of low cost to free images that you can then include in your new web design. There literally hundreds of websites that offer royalty free images that you can use. Check some of them out and find the images that can compliment your new web design vision for your website.

Completely changing your webpage’s colour is also big factor in the design process. It is basically up to you to choose what colour palette you will mix together but make sure each colour compliments one another; otherwise you’ll have yourself a nauseating mash of contradicting colours and give your visitors a headache in the process. As a tip, try incorporating darker colours in the background while using lighter tones for the foreground and the font or vice versa. Don’t forget to replace border colours as well; they can give depth to your web design. Again, images can help in these portions of the design, if you have plain colour background I suggest you add a new background image there. Remember that there’s a high chance of having intangible fonts against an image background so create an opaque border to remedy this. Background images are a huge help in adding flavour and an atmosphere to your website. Try to keep the image simple however as a more extravagant background that takes the attention of the visitor is not what you would want.

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However with all these easy steps in creating and redesigning your website, there is one method that seems good at paper but can totally mess up in the presentation. I’m talking about changing your fonts. There are a lot of new and unique fonts out there today that it may be tempting to use one of these “novelty” fonts for your website. I however dissuade you from choosing a unique or any novelty fonts out there for the simple reason that there is a chance that it will not appear properly on the monitor of users with a different browser than yours. You see, browsers already have a built in list of fonts that they can read and process, if you picked a font that is not on this list then they’ll either appear as random symbols or not appear at all. When it comes to choosing a font for your website I would always go to the standard list of font selection as these fonts will likely be already incorporated into the browser.

Redesigning your plain website into a livelier one doesn’t really need for you to hire another web designer. A few tweaks in the setting can do the job and might even make your website seem like it’s been refurbished from the ground up completely.